Father’s Day. There’s always an occasion that calls for sunglasses ! www.smartbuyglasses.com

Father’s Day. There’s always an occasion that calls for sunglasses ! www.smartbuyglasses.com


There’s always an occasion that calls for sunglasses. Whether it be a summer holiday by the beach, a fabulous skiing holiday at Christmas, long winter drives, or sunny walks to work; sunglasses are always the must have accessory all year round, even for dads!

www.smartbuyglasses.com have selected two of our main best sellers that every dad would like to have!

Maui Jim Hookipa Polarised Sunglasses


The Maui Jim Hookipa Polarised Sunglasses are designed to give an edge to athletes. Sporting a wraparound frame, this men’s eyewear offers complete coverage and a panoramic-type view to players. The blue-mirror, polarized lenses don’t just look great, they also protect the wearer from reflected glare. With a black, metal frame, these Maui Jim Sunglasses are light in weight, yet durable.

Ray Ban


Metal frames are in right now, and needless to say, Ray Ban is ALWAYS in. From the pioneers of glasses design, this pair of frames are the last word in old school style. Think 60s style and laid back vibes. The full metal rim gives these sunnies a little extra edge not only stylistically, but also makes them more robust so they’re perfect for everyday wear. The lenses are glass and come in a whole range of different colours. In addition, as the lenses are polarised they are reduce glare reflected off water or snow. So they’re great for any occasion.