This posture corrector brace by Beanstalk Fitness is a great gift for dad. >>

This Beanstalk Fitness posture corrector brace by Beanstalk Fitness is a great gift for dad.

Best posture corrector brace for men, women | Slumped, slouched shoulder fixer, straight back trainer | Lumbar support, relieve pain, improve posture | Alignment, clavicle device | Beanstalk Fitness

It’s great for younger and older dads, as it helps correct posture, relieve back pain, and align the spine. Perfect for athletes, active men, and those who spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or slouching.

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STRAIGHTEN POSTURE, RELIEVE PAIN: If you slump or slouch from sitting in an office chair or from years of practicing bad posture, this corrective aid is the best way to align your lumbar, neck, and shoulders and relieve back pain.
BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE: This device helps you stand taller and radiate confidence inside and out. Over time, the support from the trainer will help your posture to straighten and fix on its own.
COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: The shoulder straps are made of soft, plush, lightweight material, and have holes for breathability and comfort. The adjustable straps hold firmly, but gently, in place.
EASY TO WEAR AND ADJUSTABLE: This posture corrector is easy to put on: Just slip on your shoulders and pull the straps to self-adjust from the front. Tighten as much as feels comfortable for you, and watch your poor posture easily improve.
INCOGNITO AND STYLISH: You can wear this clavicle brace over a shirt or under your clothes to easily hide it. Wear it outdoors, at home, in the office, when sitting — just don’t wear it to sleep.

➤ Aligned body, aligned mind
You know how they say “smile, and you’ll naturally feel better?” That’s because your physicality affects your mentality. When you have good posture, you stand taller, your confidence shines, and you feel better.

➤ Versatile to wear for any activity
Wear your posture fixer in the office, when sitting for long periods of time, at home, and outdoors — just never to sleep. Wer it a few hours per day to start.

➤ “Undo” your days of slouching
Sit in your office, drive for long commutes, or look down at your phone a lot? That’s a recipe for slumping, slouching, and rolled shoulders. This is the best corrective aid to easily fix your poor posture.

➤ Designed for extra comfort
The adjustable straps are 63cm, which is longer than the straps on most other clavicle support devices. Included are also two armpit pads for extra padding.

➤ Made for everyone
Beanstalk Fitness’ back posture corrector is suitable for men, women, young adults, and teens.

➤ Train your back to straighten
With time, muscle memory will develop from wearing the support trainer, and your posture will be naturally straighter.

➤ Easy to wear
Slip the device on your shoulders and pull the straps to self-adjust from the front. Easily tighten to what feels most comfortable and supportive for you.

➤ Relieve pain and discomfort
When you straighten your posture there’s less stress on your neck and shoulders and your spine is able lay in its natural position. This naturally relieves upper and lower back pain because your body is in proper alignment.

These braces WON’T FIT EXTRA LARGE frames. They should fit small, medium, and smaller large frames.