ALCHEMY AND ARTISTRY | Winsor & Newton announce global launch of 2017 gifting .

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ALCHEMY AND ARTISTRY  Winsor & Newton announce global launch of 2017 gifting


● Winsor & Newton, renowned British art supplier, are delighted to announce the launch of their 2017 Gift Collections range born from 185 years of expertise and inspired by the great art of alchemy

● Combining craftsmanship with innovation, Winsor & Newton’s all year round gift collections                         are designed to ignite artistic journeys that will excite the mind and engage the senses

● The range consists of five curated sets, each containing a collection of world class art                               materials including ink, water colour, acrylic paint, mediums and metallic markers

● The range will be available online and in stores from October 2017

Winsor & Newton are delighted to announce the launch of their 2017 gift range born from 185 years of expertise and inspired by the great art of alchemy, believed to hold the key to unlocking the secrets of  creation. Founded in the artist’s quarter of London in 1832, chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton set out to create the finest artists’ materials. Their commitment to quality and innovation lives on today. Winsor & Newton have applied their extensive knowledge, passion and artistic understanding to curate the new gift range which has been designed to ignite artistic journeys that will excite the mind and engage the senses with each set containing a unique collection of high-performance art materials.

In addition, Winsor &   Newton’s engagement and collaboration with modern artists have been fundamental to the development of the Gift Collections  range to suit all tastes, from the experimental to the more traditional artist. The Gift Collections range will be available all year round and each collection is presented in a beautiful keepsake box.

The sets included in Winsor & Newton 2017 Gift Range, which all come in a beautiful keepsake box, are:

The Kaleidoscope Drawing Ink Gift Collection, RRP £18/$25.79
The Water Colour After Effects Gift Collection, RRP £32/$45.85
The Galeria Introductory Gift Collection, RRP £43.50/$62.33
The Professional Water Colour Journal Collection, RRP £92.50/$132.54

The Kaleidoscope Drawing Ink Gift Collection  The Winsor & Newton drawing inks are shellac based with added dyes to give an intense and rich colour. The Kaleidoscope Drawing Ink Gift Collection contains four 14ml drawing inks and allows artists to experiment with  mixes and overlays providing fast drying brilliance in three  dramatic shades and a shimmering gold. The Water Colour After Effects Gift Collection Going beyond tradition, this set is suited to the more experimental artist. The collection includes four unique elements that will enhance and embellish any water colour creation. Included in this gift collection are three metallic markers, two metallic shades of drawing ink, a pearlescent iridescent medium  and a masking fluid. The Galeria  Introductory Gift Collection With five high pigmented colours that deliver strength, opacity and permanence with a smooth satin finish, five sheets of acrylic paper, a brush, palette, colour chart and varnish, this complete collection includes everything an artist needs  –  making it the perfect  introduction to Winsor & Newton’s acrylic paint. The Cotman Postcard Collection  Affordable, yet uncompromising on quality, this collection allows artists to travel light and create their own postcards wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. The Cotman Postcard Collection includes six blank postcards, three Cotman water colours, a Cotman  brush, drawing ink, a brush pen and a palette. The Professional Water Colour Journal Collection Stocked with Winsor & Newton’s world famous water colour supplies, this set is an ideal gift for the more experienced artist, including 12 colours with space to create your ultimate palette, a Series 7 brush and a journal of premium water colour paper. To celebrate the launch of the Gift Collection range and in the spirit of gifting, Winsor & Newton are offering  the chance to bestow a Winsor & Newton gift collection to a recipient of choice. For more information and details on how to enter please visit