Print Pictures produces Live Canvas which is changing the way we see pictures. (Code ‘PRINTPICS80’ 80% off canvas prints).

Print Pictures produces Live Canvas which is changing the way […]

Print Pictures produces Live Canvas which is changing the way we see pictures.

(Code ‘PRINTPICS80’ 80% off canvas prints).


Print Pictures, is a new company taking on the Augmented Reality niche in the personalized Holiday Gifts sector, making it available in every home and changing how we can relive precious moments.

Vist App store “Overly” to see the magic yourself. It’s pretty cool!

Photo Gifts have been well established as top gifts year after year. In a growing photo gift industry, leaders are constantly innovating and fighting for exposure. It’s only a matter of time before Augmented Reality steps in to marry print and AR. Canvas Print company “Print Pictures” makes a first move by putting augmented reality into the hands of canvas print and photo gift customers.

Finally, augmented reality everyone can use

Canvas Prints. Whether you’ve given or received, more likely than not there’s a photo on canvas hanging somewhere in your home. And with a plethora of companies offering such photo gifts…it’s no wonder the photo gift industry accounts for over $2 billion in revenue annually.

So, what does the future look like for Online Photo Printing? There is no doubt that it will involve greater interactivity with photos, adding motion and sound. Augmented reality technology advances have allowed companies to embed videos inside a printed photograph. Companies such as LifePrint, who raised $209,515 on Kickstarter and Prynt who raised over $1.5 million on the same platform, both sell a mini-printer to print still images of a video and when scanned with their APP, will unveil the video in which the still was taken from. For $125 and $150 respectively, it might be more than you’d spend on your aunt for a Christmas gift. Check out and for more information.

Canvas Print company “Print Pictures” is making augmented reality more giftable and affordable. They call it Live Canvas. “When the canvas print is scanned with our app, the augmented reality video is revealed through the phone or device”, says head of marketing, Paula Michaels.

After a customized canvas print is purchased from Print Pictures, the customer will be prompted to upload a video to digitally connect to their canvas print picture. When received in the mail, it can be scanned with the app to bring the image to life.

“It’s the future of visual storytelling”, says Paula, “someday photos alone might no longer by the preferred media type people use to share memories. Online Photo Printing will continue to become more interactive. Augmented reality canvas prints bring your walls to life, and this is just the beginning”.

Augmented Reality Canvas Prints, “Live Canvas”, can be experienced at for U.K. customers and at for U.S. and Canada.

“Why get an ordinary canvas print” asks Paula, “when you can have a LIVE canvas print with augmented reality for the same price?”

Print Pictures ‘Live Canvas’ Prints start at about $7.