Give the gift of good skin this Valentine’s Day with Ayumi.

Give the gift of good skin this Valentine’s Day with Ayumi.

RRP:£5.00 For get the fancy jewellery, trips abroad and unnecessary junk.This Valentines Day give a gift with meaning, purpose and long term benefits, Gift Ayumi. Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic principles, Ayumiwas founded following a gap in the marketing for a skin care brand that mirrored the current lifestyle trends across the UK. Veganeating,natural ways of living and resourcefulness were trending but there wasn’t a skincare brand around that took on these principles and provided us with the benefits we were seeking for our lives and our bodies. Enter Ayumi, they have formulated several ranges and an impressive portfolio of everyday products using the very best ingredient that ooze benefits. The Turmeric & Bergamot range has been specially formulated to combat dehydrated and dry skin and inject a boost of radiance. Using renowned ingredients including Turmeric that brightens the skin, Papay that softens and Argan and Avocado oil which hydrates and restores your natural glow, Ayumi have created a skincare range that looks after your skin and looks after you. Shop the complete face and body ranges for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Ayumi Turmeric & Bergamot Body Lotion

Ayumi Turmeric & Bergamot Body Wash

Ayumi Turmeric & Bergamot Body Scrub

Ayumi Turmeric & Bergamot Face Wash

Ayumi Turmeric & Bergamot Face Scrub

Ayumi Turmeric & Bergamot Face Cream

Ayumi Turmeric & Bergamot Face Mask