Gold Coast Titans Select New Name

Gold Coast Titans Select New Name It’s official – the […]

Gold Coast Titans Select New Name

It’s official – the Gold Coast Titans are no more. In an official move, the team will now progress with the name of the Gold Coast Sea-Chargers. And the reason for this? Just a simple change to try and combat the mounting losses that the Titans had suffered. Speaking of the option to change names, CEO of the team, Steve Mitchell said:

“The Titans started with so much promise, but we’ve only made three finals series in 13 seasons, and only won four games last year. If the Gold Coast were to survive in the NRL – and not be forced o relocate to Perth, Brisbane or fold completely – we needed to change”.

So, why this specific new name? Well, Sea-Chargers is a combination of the Seagulls and the Chargers – two of the Gold Coast’s most successful franchises. Although, have they really been all that successful so as to warrant the Titans taking both their names?

As it happens, the Seagulls and the Chargers only made one finals series in a total of nine seasons combined! Yet, it seems as though Mitchell found this be an epic moment, citing it as being a “glorious” moment in 1997. “We were the people’s champions in a fractured game”, he said, before marking the name change as being a “simple rebrand”.

Will the Name Change Adjust the Team’s Fortunes?

Mitchell stated that all players currently assigned to the Titans will transfer straight over to the Sea-Chargers, and Justin Holbrook will remain as the team’s coach. Furthermore, games will still take place at the Cbus Super Stadium.

Of course, the fact that the team is no longer known as the Titans will mean that their logo has to go through a change. So, in place of the old one, the new logo for the team will be a seagull flying over two yellow and purple lightning bolts. Two mascots will also be assigned to the team in the form of a cartoon seagull and the returning Captain Charger. Home jerseys will maintain the classic Seagulls strip of black, red and white for the most part. The Chargers’ jade, purple and gold will come into effect on the shoulders. At the same time, the away kit will be a replica of the strip worn by the Chargers.

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Something else that will occur with the new strip for the Gold Coast Sea-Chargers, is that the name of every Gold Coast player from 1988 through to 2020 will appear on the front of both the home and away kits. “I feel this is the best way to acknowledge the history of the Gold Coast Rugby League Club”, said Mitchell. He’s also looking to get as many of the former players down to witness the Sea-Chargers’ first home game.