Agustín Pichot Sees Himself as Chairman of World Rugby; Launches Campaign

Agustín Pichot Sees Himself as Chairman of World Rugby; Launches […]

Agustín Pichot Sees Himself as Chairman of World Rugby; Launches Campaign

For the past four years, Bill Beaumont has been recognised as the Chairman of World Rugby, with his tenure as such having started on July 1, 2016. Yet, it seems as though he’ll have some competition on his hands if he wants to be re-elected as such. Vice-Chairman Agustín Pichot has launched his own campaign in a bid to take over the position himself.

Pichot, who is the former captain of both Argentina and Bristol, made the announcement of his intent to run for Chairman via Twitter. He claimed that the crisis brought on by the coronavirus spread has now become an opportunity for the rugby world to be globally realigned. Clearly, this is something that he sees himself being about to do.

Beaumont, on the other hand, announced that he would be standing for a second four-year term as Chairman in January of this year. He proposed that the president of the French Rugby Federation, Bernard Laporte should take on the role of his Vice-Chairman.

Writing in his recent Twitter post, Pichot questioned if women and men all fight for and believe in a fair, equal and inclusive world. He then went on to say that if this is true, it should become a reality for the sport of rugby, too.

“It is a time to think of a sport where professional and commercial income is becoming a true benefit for all, by empowering rugby’s growth around the world and by moving on from the time where those benefits were for just a few”, he continued on.

Pichot Puts His Case Across, But Will It Be Enough?

Pichot would go on to state that time are critical at the moment, and the election of the World Rugby Chairman is also a critical election. Referring to the realignment of rugby around the world, he said that it is something that cannot be missed out on.

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The election for the new or returning World Rugby Chairman is to be held in May, so whether or not Pichot can garner enough support prior to that time is anyone’s guess. As part of his recent comments, he did state that without attracting sustainable investment, rugby risks “falling back to individual handouts and rants in the absence of a long-term vision for a global game”. So, he said, it is time to change focus and place a dedication on “all unions and federations equally.”