Three Things To Do To Get Over An Sports Injury

Three Things To Do To Get Over An Sports Injury […]

Three Things To Do To Get Over An Sports Injury

If you are a sports person then getting injured is probably your biggest nightmare. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, the chance of injury is always there, whether it be through a contact sport like Rugby, or is a muscular injury from Gymnastics.

The way you treat an injury is really important in terms of how quickly you recover and how strongly you recover, to make sure it is not a recurring injury. Getting injured playing sports will not only impact you in the sport that you play but also in your career and the rest of daily life, whether it be through being a professional in your sport or if it is just a hobby an injury can have a wide-reaching impact.

The good news is that a fast recovery is possible, it’s just a case of knowing what steps you need to take to achieve it, that’s all.

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R.I.C.E stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation, which should be the first thing you do for a sports injury that is muscle-related. Resting your injury is what it says on the tin, don’t aggravate the injury by walking on it or putting unnecessary pressure on the injured area. Icing your injury will help to reduce swelling on the injury which will speed up recovery as you won’t need to wait for swelling to go down for as long. Compression means to keep the pressure on the injury which can be done in the form of a tape or a bandage, to keep the area protected from further injury and to help to decrease swelling in the area. Finally, elevation means keeping the injured part elevated above hip level so lying down and raising the leg on some pillows will do the trick. This will help to decrease blood flow to the area and allow for swelling to go down – this method is mainly used for foot or leg injuries.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is very important in recovering from serious injury. Any injury can be aggravated or not heal properly leading to worse problems further down the line. Sports therapy is the use of physiotherapists to help with the recovery of the injury, often speeding the process up. They will help your rehabilitation with exercises to strengthen the injured area, in addition to informing you when you can get back to exercising again. They will monitor you through rehabilitation to make sure you stay on track and recover as soon as possible.

Beat boredom

When you are injured and it affects mobility the boredom of recovery while you wait to be able to start working on getting back to fitness can be excruciating. Make sure you keep yourself busy with other activities to take your mind off it, try and find a new non-sports hobby while you wait. A lot of sports injuries will take time so being able to deal with the boredom is key to help stop you potentially aggravating the injury by getting impatient with your recovery.

When recovering from an injury it can be a long hard road, especially if it is a serious one. As long as you manage yourself right and do the right thing then you will be able to recover as quickly as possible and have the best chance of stopping a recurring injury. Following these tips will get you well underway to recovery and get you back out doing what you love.