A big year for sport! Who are you supporting?

A big year for sport! What are the greatest tournaments? […]

A big year for sport! What are the greatest tournaments?

With so many great sporting events to choose from this year is set to be full of thrills for fans, from rugby to cricket, soccer, tennis, athletics, all with great coverage the variety available to fans is spectacular. The investment the clubs are making in athletes from talent identification to direct coaching and training the standard of athleticism across the board is high, we are seeing the best athletes get through and it makes for spectacular scenes! With the Six Nations in rugby, Wimbledon in Tennis, the great Grand Prix races, cricket world cup, UEFA champions League, and the golfing tournaments there is almost now a great tournament for every sport, where the most talented athletes and players are brought together for season long leagues or knock out tournaments or games…

The only way to pick the winners or finalists is to follow the games very closely, the matches or tournaments, its different if you are just enjoying the atmosphere, a lot of people they just like watching and enjoying the spectacle, they like the fashion side of things, a lot of these tournaments its actually a big social occasion, people dress up, they want to look their best and even a lot of people will place a gamble on www.novibet.co.uk for example and many of those are not following the games very closely they just see that as part of the experience, because they might win a gamble!

But if you want to be successful at predicting the outcomes of the games or tournaments, so understanding who the best teams or competitors are and even getting good at knowing who will win the medals etc, then you have to follow it closely, and you build a picture which allows you to make educated predictions and get a feel for what would be the best team to endorse so to speak.

So what is the best tournament, its a variable question and sport it has that diversity to it, people are engaged for many different reasons so maybe the team of athlete is from your home town, and that can mean they have a lot of support locally and you may follow their sport because they are good and from your home town, but they could be competing in New York in a big game, or India, so there are many reasons, some people love the social and fashion side of things, they love the events associated with sport, particularly at the final stages, which can be such a great celebration of the sport!

So whichever tournament it is for you, this year is set to be a great year for sport!