A new Back-to-School Essential for all: Sanitizers for hands and surfaces from Griffo Distillery, griffodistillery.com

A new Back-to-School Essential for all: Sanitizers for hands and […]

A new Back-to-School Essential for all: Sanitizers for hands and surfaces from Griffo Distillery, griffodistillery.com


Obviously, it is vital that we provide our kids only the best in natural sanitizers with the highest efficacy to ensure their health and well being.
Griffo use a 100% Food Grade ingredients in their 70% ethyl alcohol solutions to produce super effective sanitizers.

Their sanitizer was developed by Michael Griffo
Michael Griffo has a Doctorate in Physics from UC California and is the Master Distiller at Griffo Distillery in Sonoma County California. He has an FDA approved recipe for sanitizer available for retail and bulk sales.

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Some technical information that may be useful!

Why is 70% Ethyl Alcohol Optimal?
• The gel is comprised of Ethyl Alcohol, Water, MethylCellulose (all of which are food grade materials)
The liquid is comprised of EthylAlcohol, Water, and hydrogen peroxide (all of which are food gradematerials).

Ethyl alcohol based sanitizers, likeours, are actually more effective at inactivating viruses than isopropyl basedproducts. This is because isopropyl alcohol is not active against nonlipidenteroviruses while ethyl alcohol is effective for many hydrophilic viruses..This research and guidance comes from the CDC.
Michael Griffo PhD

• “70%ethanol is the minimum concentration when used in a lab setting for aseptictechnique. You don’t want to go lower, because it will not kill themicroorganisms you are trying to kill.” 70% is not the minimal. It is the optimal.
Ron Hrstka , Mayo Clinic – Rochester

• Ethanolat 70% can dissolve the lipid cover, pass through and disintegrate theproteinous structure. Lower conc. inadequate to dissolve the lipid, higherconc. coagulates the proteinaceous cover and prevents ethanol from disturbingMO RNA/DNA. This is important in case of virions (SARS-Cov-2) with thick lipidcoat.
Izzettin Hatip-Al-khatib -Pamukkale University

• Ethylalcohol is indeed virucidal against both lipophilic and hydrophilic viruses..Max potency occurs at 70% .
Patrick Were – Kenyatta University

• Theeffectivity of ethanol as e.g. disinfectant or antiseptic agent depends on theconcentration of ethanol-water-mixture: An ethanol percentage of 50-80% destroysthe cell wall/membrane of bacteria by denaturing their proteins and dissolvingtheir lipids (effective against most bacteria, fungi and some viruses;ineffective against bacterial spores). Therefore, the ethanol has to pass thebacterial membrane/wall to get into the bacteria – if you use 100% ethanolinstead, the bacteria get ‘sealed’ and they will survive… Another mechanismis the high osmotic pressure of ethanol/water-mixtures; and the 70% has thehighest one.
Simon Drescher
Phospholipid Research Center Heidelberg

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