A Touch Of Spring from the Black Forest. www.cuckooforest.com

A Touch Of Spring from the Black Forest



This lovely clock is perfect for Easter! The Kuckulino Quartz Clock from Cuckoo Forest is a charming addition to any room. The hand-crafted clock is made completely of wood from the Black Forest region of Germany. It’s also hand painted in bright colors that represent the lush onset of spring!

This clock has a swing with a young girl in traditional Black Forest attire. She swings into spring with the ticking of the clock! The details on this hand-crafted clock are stunning. Look at the brightly colored trees, the dazzling bird, and the life-like Black Forest deer!

It’s just under seven inches tall and is operated by quartz movement, so no need to wind and set the clock. It’s a whimsical reminder that spring has sprung!



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