Having A Bad Date! New Campaign “Ask For Angela” provides a solution when dates go wrong!!!!

Having A Bad Date! New Campaign “Ask For Angela” provides […]

Having A Bad Date! New Campaign “Ask For Angela” provides a solution when dates go wrong!!!!

We have all been there! Its truly horrible! So much excitement and anticipation and then you meet and its just terrible, your date is not enjoyable, they are not what they looked like in their profile! Please nte this is actually quite un-common, most people have the sense to use their real picture in their profile.

However… again infrequently but nevertheless a situation that does occur make this campaign partuclarly important. There are instances where whilst on a date you may realise that you are on a date with a sexual predator and that you are not safe. That has to be one of the scariest situations and the sense of alarm would be extreme to say the least!

It is quite possible that the people on the date could have met on a paid or free dating site equally they may not have met on a  free dating site or paid for but just as easily through work or some other way, but one thing is for sure, this initiative makes perfect sense and whilst rare is a very useful way to exit what could be a very dangerous position for a lone dater to be in!

The “Ask for Angela” campaign allows you to alert a member of staff with a simple phrase “Ask For Angela” which alerts the staff member who can then discretely and efficiently perhaps with the help of other staff members separate you from that person, after you have observed actions or heard words from the person you had been on a date with which indicated that you were not safe in their company.

The campaign was started by Lincolnshire County council and since Christmas 50% of venues have signed up for the initiative!

This is an extremely helpful option for people to have whilst dating and it is no surprise that so many venues have signed up and still growing!

We are delighted at Rugby Rep to support the campaign and raise awareness! This issue is not a new one, in the 18th centuary couples could not date without a chaperone and amongst other issues this presence of another  was for exactly the type of issue that the “Ask for Angela” campaign is addressing!

So check out the campaign, ask for it in your local area and if you are visiting or living in the areas that already have the “Ask for Angela” phrase in use in their establishment then check online for places that have this and make sure you book into those locations for your dating! With so many establishments signing up you are sure to find the perfect place to have a wonderful first date and as we said this is rare but when it happens the importance of the campaign becomes very clear! So, be responsible, have fun and enjoy the experiences and add a little security knowing that the venbue you go to for your first date has steps in place to help should you need it!

Best wishes!

Dating Editor

Rugby rep!