Award Winning Botanic Distillates – Two wonderfully new drinks which complement food but also can be used to create fabulous drinks and cocktails… Martin & Brown Botanic distillates…

Martin & Brown Botanic Distillates use a base spirit produced […]

Martin & Brown Botanic Distillates use a base spirit produced from Sugar Beet grown in the fields of East Anglia, which is then distilled in an artisan copper still to 40% ABV with two very unusual blends of botanicals.

As of this morning, Monday 12 April 2021

Martin & Brown Botanic Distillates – both blends have been awarded Silver Medals by The London Spirit Competition

“We are absolutely thrilled – first competition the drinks have been entered into.” The Team @ Martin & Brown

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Eastern Spice Blend is complex with 14 botanicals, herbs and spices. It bursts with fresh coriander and hints of orange, sumac, fennel and clove followed by the warmth of ginger and a light fragrance of rose.
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Italian Spice Blend contains 11 botanicals, herbs and spices. This is a savoury spirit with a wonderful tomato aroma, heat and fragrance come through from Cubeb pepper and chillies with hints of caper and a lasting oregano flavour on the finish. See Diffords Guide review:

Martin & Brown Botanic Distillates have been developed to complement food and to excite jaded palates and mixologists with new and fresh flavours. Martin & Brown finally, launched in September 2020 after approximately 2 years of development.

With a history of over 30 years in hospitality the founders drew on their experiences and knowledge to develop and craft two distinctive drinks which looked towards new trends in Botanical drinks. The couple, James Brown & Kim Martin-Brown have a successful 20 year old business which supplies the catering sector.

Since launching, the Brand is now being stocked with Masters of Malt, Comesto, Borough Box, Order.Beer and With hospitality on the cusp of re-opening the drinks will begin to appear in hotels, bars and restaurants, so next time you are out, out, ask for a B&T and if they don’t stock it, then tell them to get onboard with the latest trend in drinks

Martin & Brown Botanic Distillates are a diverse and complex drinks offering and probably the only spirit on the market which will complement food.

What do you get if you cross 30 years of hospitality experience with a love of food, drink and entertaining?

For entrepreneur and WSET trained Kim, and Master Chef of Great Britain, Kim & James, the answer is a ground-breaking botanical spirit designed to take you from tasting to table and back again.

Founders of the Martin & Brown spirit brand, the pair who have extensive knowledge of food and drink have developed two complex recipes based on flavours they love. The Italian Spice blend with fresh tomato flavours, notes of chilli and oregano in amongst the 11 botanicals is a perfect savoury treat and makes a killer martini cocktail as well as complementing flavours of the med. Try it with your favourite cured meats, cheeses and olives to take the flavours to the next level.

The Eastern Spice Blend steps up with no less than 14 botanicals, herbs and spices. With coriander, sumac, fennel and clove in there, this is a fragrant, grown-up flavour that works exceptionally well with high quality ginger ale and mezze dishes. If your mind is turning to cocktails, try swapping mint for coriander and make up a mind-blowing mojito alternative.

After two years of development and a bold, mid-pandemic launch, the Martin & Brown story is one of success. Excellent reviews on Difford’s Guide and features with major podcast producers are just the start, you can now find them stocked online at Masters of Malt, Borough Box and LarderOnline. Better still you can buy exclusive gift boxes, introduction packs and merchandise directly. As hospitality venues prepare to open their doors back up in the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing at the bar, the ‘B&T’. The only drink designed to complement food.

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