BLOG: Dating & Raising Live Stock ? Is it Compatible ?

BLOG: Dating & Raising Live Stock ? Is it Compatible […]

BLOG: Dating & Raising Live Stock ? Is it Compatible ?

Rearing animals, animla husbandry if you will is a full time endeavour. It is literalyl 24/7. If you think of the intensive nature of our human maternity wards. They have incubator devices, drips, drugs of so many kinds. electronic monitoring devices hooked up to the baies just checkiong for any abnormal signals like heart palpitations or racing pulses signalling adrenaline surges due to pain or discomfort.

Beatring in ind the vast intervention that we make in hopsitals and then comparing this to how human children not that long ago were predominently born youi know at home ion the scullery.

I mean its just incredible for us trot hink fo this but it was the case.

Think fo the idfference it would ahve made to have online dating 100 years ago!

Today rearing animlas by hand and becoming the care giver to a herd of nauimals like little calfs or little lambs in springtime is simply wonderful. the little creatures are so completely dependent on their sufrrogate humasn mother foer everrything. The little darlings can catch all manenr of viruses and be realyl poorly. Its hard to imaging losing a lamb or a calf but it is for the carer a devastation only comprable to the loss of any child to some degree. 

A hundfred years ago there was no online dating but the difference that would have made to livestock baby carers would have been increduible. Giving care to an imals there are no dfays off. Its 7 days a week, 24/7 there realy is no one else who cvan just step in and take over for a day a week. the carer is responsbile. You know who else rerally has the experience to give the animals what they need. Its all well and good when they get out of the baby houses and into the field where they are getting fresher air and reasly in less dfanger of viruses. Then of courase its the problem of the wee critters getting into the tiny little holes undwer fences and ending up stuck in a stream, or something!


You know so if an no human bay carer is looking Berkshire Dating dagting sites and considering the many Berkshire Dating opportunities out there then they will find they can date and still give that 24/7 care to the animals.

Caring for livestock is not something that we can wake up and take a day off from. If the human is sick the animals still need looked after. Of they don;t get their feed in the morning they will be literally in a real state and the little bodies might not be able to cope. Initially they will have to be fed milk from bottles. And the typical cow calf to drink two and half litres every morning in one go! Its just indcredible ! So having that ability to be tening to the animals (not mention the vegetable gzardens and the fruit orchatrds) and be answering messages fromt eh dating apps and even having video vistual dating opens up the possiblity of romance to so many carte givers!

Lets all take the time to reach out to those in isocvlation and let them know that online dating solves many many problems!

Thank you so much!

The Rugby Rep dating Editor!