BLOG: Health, Nutrition, Exercise & Physical Presentation Are Influencers in the SNR Dating World!

BLOG: Health, Nutrition, Exercise & Physical Presentation Are Influencers in […]

BLOG: Health, Nutrition, Exercise & Physical Presentation Are Influencers in the SNR Dating World!

There has never been a time when the understanding and expertise in health, nutrition, exercise and supplementation (only where necessary for example in hormone boosting nutritional additives or emergency supplementation via direct medical intervention) are allowing senior daters to pursue the lifestyles of 30 year old’s comfortably and maintain incredible endurance and energy right into their 70’s. People are constantly commenting on the numbers of 60+ year old’s who are in incredible mental and physical shape maintaining exercise regimes and most of those rejected the sedentary lifestyle in their late 30’s opting instead for health wellness, nutrition and the outdoors lifestyle!

But this is a very personal endeavor with genetic studies showing that two main genetic pools from Europe’s being the agricultural based genetic markers and the hunter based genetic markers may show a better out come for the carnivore or vegetable based diets so initially in the period of rejection of modern high inflammation diets and embracing traditional natural organic diets and grass fed meat mass consumption experimentation is really the only low finance way of finding the right diet to maximise health, energy, youthfulness and vitality!

This should only take a few months to perfect and then can be added to as the scientific data and personal understanding grows! Of course this youthfulness and energetic personal position allows individuals to maintain and continue their procreative efforts (through senior dating) and enjoyment of romance and dating! Many women are having children into their 40’s and beyond, guys are finding with the right nutrition and understanding that they can raise children successfully right into their 70’s and with most children making it through to adulthood (given the vast reduction in child mortality rates) just having 1 extra child is actually almost 100% certain to be a success. So senior dating sites sites are actually essential to provide a platform for these high competitive, hormonal youthful, strong energetic males and females with high disposable incomes a method by which to go out online and find the lifestyle partners they are looking for and successfully interact safely in a secure environment and then meet their suitors for more interactions.

So! Safety, security, knowledge and understanding are paramount but not only this, understanding nutrition and mental health are essential if individuals are to maintain youthful energetic lifestyle of high vitality into their 70’s and beyond! More and more people are reaching 100 years+ and technology is actually supplementing their activities tremendously, automated skeletal attachments to help with walking and lifting are on the agenda with tests now being done on flexible devices which allow wheelchair ridden people to walk and lift and bend and even re-join the workplace or look after a busy household!

People are having kids later in life and raising kids later so if you are in cumbria dating or wiltshire dating regularly then senior dating websites are now available in those areas and actually any area of the UK and beyond is experiencing incredible growth in the numbers of over 40’s, 50’s, 60’s who are online and continuing to date after an absence from the scene for whatever reason!

So get the health and nutrition right and dating, it just keeps going”!

Best Wishes!

Rugby Rep Dating Journalist