Blog: Online dating for those seeking traditional relationships, and courtship.

Blog: Online dating for those seeking traditional relationships, and courtship. […]

Blog: Online dating for those seeking traditional relationships, and courtship.

Such a blast from the past hit me this week! I was organising my library (with one eye on the garden and my vegetable patch as i was also keeping an eye out for an old but invaluable seed cultivation guide which i had picked up in a little bookshop I know) when I stumbled out of the blue on an old password I had for a dating site from about 210 years ago! Everybody was online dating even then, searching for the best dating sites! I suddenly remebered in a flash the reason i had joined that dating site! It was because i was looking for a traditional girl with traditional values and i decided to take a look online to see if traditional values were represented and i could not believe it but there were 100s of sites and really busy sites with people who valued the traditional lifestyle of raising children and home-making, and that they were dating but also at the same time developing thier skils and knowledge by sharing recipes for home made food and you know little tricks of the trade so to speak in raising children, some were even home schooling! It was such a great revelation that people with those traditional values had found their own meeting places online and were dating and courting with the boys just being so respectful and courteous towards the girls, it was really wonderful!

It is important to maintain your principles and well to bre confronted by situations were your values are meeting attitudes and aspirations that you do no agree with then you should not lower your standards. You should hold firmly to your values wether your looking for a Yorkshire dating site or over 50s dating Hertfordshire I can tell you from personal experience you will be glad you did. Of course experimentation allows one to compare and contrast ideals so by all means experiment, and during the course of these processes I assure you you will find waht is right for you! So, if you are looking for a traditional man or woman with simple home making apsirations then look online because across the country werher your looking for traditional Bournemouth dating or traditional singles in Bedfordshire you will be pleasantly surprised by what you will find, and positively so!

So many great friends were made that way and I still maintain many relationships and the things that have remained are the respect and value placed on traditional values, I remember even going carol singing one Christmas and we just had such a wonderful evening! So the story is that all tastes and all walks of life should not turn down the online dating experience! It really is for everyone and I would thoroughly recommend it as a way to meet like minded people! To increase one’s circle of friends and to find love and to begin families!

Of course be safe, take precautions and use your intuition along with simple security protocols and steps.

Very Best wishes!