Blog: What I learnt from my first date!

Blog: What I learnt from my first date! This is […]

Blog: What I learnt from my first date!

This is such fun writing this post. One night stands can be such great fun and a great opportunity to figure out the different types and personalities of people and to determine to some degree what are positives you like in other people and also what are the negatives in others.

For example if you were of one political persuasion and then went on a date with someone of the opposite political persuasion then you would potential very quickly realise how complex human romantic relationships can be when the people in that relationship hold vastly differing opinions about approaches to the governance of large human populations. Maybe you met them through sites found while searching for Just One Night Stands ! You may be a strong proponent for the “Third Political Theory” which rejects left, right and proposes a third alternative. You might find that refreshing and even a chance to take the positives from both left and right and then move forward without them and perhaps you see that as actually progressing after royalty and then the two political trends “left” & “right” which have been in place now for over 120 years! The person your dating is a committed “left” wing proponent for violent communist revolution and the instantiation of the “dictatorship of the proletariat” (the dictatorship part was always difficult for you personally)! Immediately the date could be over. Yet you learnt something, right! This is also why a “one night stand” can be one of the funniest experiences ever! People in an environment where they can be themselves are also in a position to really have a super evening!

One night stands are a chance to go into the date without thinking you have to moderate your opinions, you can be yourself, and that can be very very refreshing. Also since there is no goal of a long term loving relationship producing children and building a life together then none of that is at stake so to speak… which can be a chance for both of you to see what you really think when your being reckless. Its actually mostly about having fun, one night stands are a great chance to have the benefits of intimacy without the benefits of long term loving relationships. This is helpful for people who are self exploring, and actually finding out about themselves and how they interact with others in a dating situation.  Its quite feasible to find others interested in one night stands online, you could look for one night stand in manchester for example and you will find sites that bring together those who are interested in one night stands.

There are so many people doing this now and having awesome nights out, enjoying clubbing and going to the cinema and out for dinner and even intimacy and there are some very very funny situations that can arise for people in this scenario

As always, stay safe, be careful and take all the simple and important security precautions whilst engaging in any kind of online dating. Once you have done that you can proceed knowing that you have tested the potential connections you are finding for one night stands!

Very best wishes!

The Rugby Rep Love & Relationships Editor.