Blooms in the Bathroom this Spring!

Blooms in the Bathroom this Spring! Introducing the latest vegan, […]

Blooms in the Bathroom this Spring!

Introducing the latest vegan, non-toxic home cleaning freshener from Poo-Pourri – Wild Poppy Berry.

Bring botanical gardens feels to your bathroom this Spring with the latest seasonal fragrance to join the eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free Poo-Pourri line-up, Wild Poppy Berry (RRP £7.99). A sophisticated fruity blend of berry, poppies and nectar natural essential oils to help combat any unpleasant odour and freshen up your space at home.

Using safe, chemical-free cleaning products are not only safer for you and everyone in your home, but they are also kinder on our environment. The cult favourite before-you-go toilet spray encompasses all that goodness and offers magical odour-eliminating powers – making Poo-Pourri Wild Poppy Berry a must-have to ensure your bathroom stays blooming!

Poo-Pourri, a true innovator of its time, uses a unique blend of natural essential oils and compounds to absorb any unpleasant bathroom smells below the water’s surface. Leading the charge in clean household products, Poo-Pourri uses no aerosols, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde or synthetic fragrance – its the ultimate non-toxic home-cleaning multi-tasker.

Now available in the UK, with top notes of Wild Berries, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon and Apricot, middle notes of Eucalyptus, Wild Poppies, Lemongrass, Peony and Plumeria and base notes of Cederwood and Sweet Berry Nector, Wild Poppy Berry, RRP 6.99 for 41ml (70 uses) is a bright, fruity scent with floral warm undertones.

DID YOU KNOW: Berry essential oils are great for alleviating stress and anxiety – an aroma for anyone suffering from depression. Use Poo-Pourri Wild Poppy Berry in the office and home space to maximise its powerful cleansing and purifying properties.

Key scents from the Poo-Pourri range include: Original Citrus, Lavender Vanilla, No.2, Deja Poo, Royal Flush, Tropical Hibiscus, Ship Happens, Vanilla Mint, including the handbag friendly 10ml bottle and fitness favourite – ShoePourri. Prices start from £5.99 at and