BOOK: The Truth of Trauma: Only the truth will set you free by Yuos’sima Dineen

The Truth of Trauma: Only the truth will set you free by Yuos’sima Dineen

In this book Divine channel & author, Spiritual Teacher & Initiator Yuos’sima Rose Dineen shares the journey of how her suffering forced her to overcome unhealed trauma.

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In 2016, she received an inward nudge to leave her marital home. Within an hour she was on the way to go and stay with her mum who lived two and a half hours away. Little did she know, she would never step foot in her maritial home again.

A few weeks later she found a new home in Northern Ireland and told her husband that she was moving. Initially he was resistant to the change but soon decided to continue to try and have a healthy marriage. However two years later, he left. Yuossima intuitively knew that this day would come. She had been receiving universal signs via sacred earth angels, dreams and an inner knowing within herself that this relationship had passed it’s sell by date. This was the beginning of her epic adventure.

The Truth of Trauma tells the tale of how unhealed trauma led to life choices that weren’t aligned with her true soul calling and how pain came in the form of Fibromyalgia to wake her up to who she really is.

This book tells the tragic story of losing a loved one to suicide, going through the process of a divorce proceeding and the journey of sexual trauma forcing her to look inwards on what sexuality really is. If you are looking to transform your pain into power, no matter what you are going through, you will find the right tools and guidance to help you navigate through your current experiences.

• Exclusive access to enter one of regular giveaways to be offered the opportunity to work with the author.
• Exercises/meditations and steps channeled by the author to alchemise your pain into power.
• Tools on how to transform generational patterns.
• Initiations and prayers to release the past back into nothingness.


To all readers please note there is information of a sensitive nature in this book and no one under eighteen can purchase or read without the consent of an adult.

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