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Celebrate Back to School, Back to Sports – Easy Fall Mom Hacks and Must-Haves…

With more than 48 million kids (K-12)* returning to school this year and our world opening up again, fall trends indicate 1 in 4 of those kids have already or will return to sporting activity.** While sports provide countless physical and health benefits – health, teamwork, community, discipline – one drawback is the funky odors that come with it. The smelly equipment, clothes and bags can make your home and car unbearable. Cheryl Leahy, lifestyle mom expert, shares some easy mom hacks on how to clean and get funky smells out of sports gear quickly and effectively, a perfect solution for saving time and frustration.

FunkAway is a unique odor elimination solution perfect for kids going back to sports. Whether it’s sports equipment or jerseys – FunkAway’s unique OM Complex™ breaks down odors at the source and eliminates the odor versus covering it up.

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