Christmas gift Guide Part 2 ! For Her!

Perfect for Christmas Day pool parties, summer travel or beach […]

Perfect for Christmas Day pool parties, summer travel or beach days, the Ugly Xmas Rashie is a great stocking stuffer or gift for the whole family (plus they’re super sun safe). Proceeds from the rashie raise valuable funds for Cancer Council Queensland, to continue research, patient support and prevention programs.

The new lorikeet design and the broader Ugly Xmas Rashie collection come in adults’ and children’s sizes, are unisex, and are available for purchase online at and at Myer.

Key info:

First launched in 2015 to drive skin cancer awareness, the Ugly Xmas Rashie sold out within 48 hours and has since become an Aussie tradition, releasing a new design each year
Proceeds from the rashie raise valuable funds for Cancer Council Queensland, to continue research, patient support and prevention programs.
This year, Ugly Xmas Rashie debuts a new rainbow lorikeet design in a green colourway, joining past designs featuring Aussie wildlife including koalas, kangaroos and cockatoos
Skin cancer accounts for the largest number of cancers diagnosed in Australia each year and melanoma is the most common cancer in Australians aged 12 – 24.
The new lorikeet design and the broader Ugly Xmas Rashie collection come in adults’ and children’s sizes, are unisex, and are available for purchase online at

More stats from Cancer Council Queensland:

Skin cancer accounts for the largest number of cancers diagnosed in Australia each year.
Melanoma is the most common cancer in Australians aged 12 – 24.
UV radiation is responsible for 99 per cent of all non-melanoma and 95 per cent of melanoma skin cancers.
Cancer Council research shows that even though almost 90 per cent of Australian adults don’t attempt a suntan over summer, over 60 per cent still report having suntanned skin over summer, indicating a need for improved sun protection practices.
At least two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer before age 70.
Cancer Council Queensland recommends sun protection whenever the UV level is three and above, which is all year round in Queensland.
If you see any spots on your skin that have changed in size, shape or colour, that itches or bleeds, looks unusual or that you do not think was there before we recommend that you see your GP immediately.

The Animal Emergency Service First Aid Book – A Guide to Common Pet Emergencies – is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

This book is the A-Z of pet emergencies and is a great gift for under $30. A guide to everything from how to give your pet CPR, tips on transporting your sick or injured pet to the vet, and the vital signs of observation – this A5 sized ‘bible of pet first aid’ is the perfect size to pop in the car or in your handbag and travel with you wherever your pets do.

Honing in on illnesses and injuries such as allergic reactions, bite wounds, breathing difficulties, choking, fractures, heat stroke and much, much more, the book is written by the best emergency vets in Australia residing at Animal Emergency Service – who have four after-hours emergency hospitals across the South East seaboard and 1 emergency hospital (Perth Vet Emergency) in Perth.

Christmas Gifts for Young Kids

At Mindful and Co – Kids, founder Jacqueline Yeats, who has created a business which sells products that instil mindfulness into children’s daily lives, believes the art of mindfulness has the ability to help kids survive and thrive.

Her first product, a yoga flash card game that encourages the practice of mindfulness on-the-go, features 26 beautifully hand-illustrated poses from celebrated children’s illustrator Chloe Jasmine.
With an accompanying explanation of each pose, how to achieve it, and its benefits on the back of each flashcard, children not only gain the knowledge they need for their own practice, but the ability to show others how to embrace yoga for themselves.
The card set also includes an instruction card for parents.
“My mission is to inspire, strengthen, and foster happier, healthier more resilient young minds through mindfulness, with the bigger vision of changing the alarming mental health statistics for young people,” says Jacqueline.
“It’s a way of being that empowers and encourages young minds instead of hindering them, or barricading them, or telling them to “be realistic” or “toughen up”.
“Mindfulness and yoga for children are coming from a new perspective, from where we, as parents, aim to teach children a better way of life.”
Jacqueline started her business after completing her Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (with her research component based on Mindfulness as a clinical intervention for stress disorders) at Bond University in Queensland. Jacqueline found there was so much research coming out to support mindfulness as a successful intervention for disorders such as anxiety and depression, that she decided she wanted to teach children at a young age the benefits of mindfulness so they had a tools and strategies to deal with stress later on in life.
Jacqueline began to teach mindfulness and yoga classes to children to test the results she had seen in her research.
“With the mindfulness and yoga classes, I had parents come up to me after only one or two sessions and say that their children were sleeping better and were happier with less mood swings,” she says.
“They had fewer tantrums and they were using the different exercises practiced in class, including mindfulness, breathing, gratitude and yoga practices, to self-regulate their emotions, play on their own and overall have more positive interactions with siblings and other family members.”
The products we have created give parents another tool to help calm children in the short and long-term. It is also a wonderful alternative to screen time.
“Through yoga and mindfulness exercises, we invite our children to connect deeper with themselves, and the world around them.
“We give them t he tools to take into scary situations, difficult relationships, big life decisions, and feel assured and safe in their choices.”
One parent, Donna, whose son Reid has Autism and struggles with sensory overload, says that by practicing with the yoga cards Reid has been able to self-regulate his emotions.
“Reid actually goes for the cards himself because he knows that will help him calm down,” Donna says.
“We’ll see him in the lotus position for 90 seconds, getting into a calmer zone!”

Maison BangBang combines luxury and the art of fashion with sustainable innovation.

Reinventing classic styles with a decadent approach centered on bold and unexpected details, an elegant attitude, glamour and a sense of empowerment. All products are unisex and hand-made from premium vegan leather.

Here’s a great offer for cat lovers: cat DNA test. It helps cat owners discover more about their cat’s breed traits, habits and most importantly – health. Knowing about potential health risks will help you minimize them.
The DNA test is here

The perfect gift for travellers – sure to delight AND be super useful for men and women.


The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Traveller on Your List!
Santa approved skincare to combat the ravages of longhaul flights! Vegan, paraben-free, crueltyfree, crafted in New Zealand from local botanicals and served up in Australian made recycled/recyclable bottles, wrapped in gorgeous Aussie toiletry bags!
Australia – November 24, 2019

With just a month to go before the fat man graces us with his presence (and his presents!), it is time to start well and truly panicking about your Christmas list! If you have any travellers on your list – we’re here to help.
Long Haul Spa – and her brother Tarmac – are specially curated kits designed by long haul travellers specifically for long haul travellers. Crafted in New Zealand from local botanicals, each kit has a gorgeous skincare regimen to get you through a long haul flight looking fantastic and with your “A Game” intact. Long Haul Spa (ladies) has 8 products, while Tarmac (men) has 5 – housed in a beautiful Louenhide (vegan) toiletries bag. Sanitising hand-wipes, dehydrated towels and lots of product information round out the contents. Each of the products is 15ml – small enough to slide through security but big enough to get you through more than a handful of flights feeling like a rockstar!

Endorsed by the OG long-haul flier – Santa, himself – these flight packs are the ideal gift for the weary business traveller, jet-setting exec or global wanderer. And with free global shipping on orders over $150, there is just enough time to cross those folks off your list.
Long Haul Spa and Tarmac can be found at
About Long Haul Group: Based in Brisbane Australia, Long Haul Group creates products specifically designed for long haul fliers – to help make long flights suck a little less. Founded in 2018 by former flight attendant and technology refugee Christine Keeling, Long Haul Groups’ first
product was Long Haul Spa followed by Tarmac in 2019. Long Haul Spa/Tarmac products are made in New Zealand from locally and internationally sourced botanicals and are vegan, parabenfree and cruelty-free. Long Haul Spa offsets a tiny bit of their carbon footprint by planting a tree for every kit sold, through One Tree Planted.
About the Founder: Founder Christine Keeling is a software executive and former flight attendant, who flew over 70 international flights in 5 years, representing her tech clients. Her biggest challenge was spending 24 hours in transit over 11 time zones and expected to waltz into a meeting looking fresh and credible. Keeling created her own products to use in-flight because she could not find anything fit for purpose to combat the impact on her skin thanks to the extremely low humidity found on a plane. Canadian born Keeling says even the worst winter at home is more gentle on her skin. She has lived in very humid Brisbane, Australia since 2015

Get a Personalised Christmas Gift Card – at Your Local Boozer
World’s 1st Gift Card Kiosk Hits Pubs – just in time for Christmas

26th November 2019, Windsor: UK tech start-up, Bulldog Kiosks, has built the world’s first ever self-service customised gift card kiosks, which are being rolled out in a Windsor pub chain just in time for Christmas.

Christmas revellers and party goers are using the hi-tech kiosks in pubs to design their own festive gift cards for loved ones and friends – adding a personal message and unique design. The touchscreen tech even takes a selfie of you and your mates, which is printed and dispensed in under a minute. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for pub lovers everywhere.

The kiosks, which are in pubs owned by Windsor And Eton Brewery (WEBREW) provide customers with, “A truly unique and unusual experience” according to Bulldog Kiosks Founder, Phil Wood. “Gift cards are massively popular, but they can feel impersonal. Our self-service kiosk adds a personal touch with colourful templates to choose from and the ability to tap in a personal message on the screen. Plus, they’ll take a selfie and they’re dispensed immediately.”

The self-service gift card kiosks – the first in the world – aren’t just in pubs. Bulldog Kiosks are also rolling them out in department stores as a queue-free, personalised alternative to traditional store cards.

WEBREW CEO, (name) commented on the success of the Bulldog Customisable Gift and Loyalty Card Kiosk, saying, “We are constantly striving to find new and exciting ways to make a visit to a WEBREW pub a unique and enjoyable experience for friends and family. The Bulldog Kiosk has become a real talking point and customers love making their own gift cards – just in time for Christmas.”

Luxury online fashion store Via Provincia fantastic luxury gifts for Christmas.

1. VIVER Leather Handbag For Women Olle – 50%OFF SALE

2. VIVER Leather Handbag For Women Forte – 50%OFF SALE

3. VIVER Leather Crossbody Bag For Women Belle – 50%OFF SALE body-bag-tan-belle

4. Via Provincia Floral Midi Dress

5. Via Provincia Summer Shirt Dress

6. Mondial 1908 Shaving Set For Men Sphere

7. Mondial 1908 Shaving Set For Men Aristocrat

8. Zohl Manicure Set Premier With Self-Sharpening Scissors

High res image: attached

9. Zohl Manicure Set Grazia

10. Zohl Manicure Set Magneto

Sanchong Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet, Sterling Silver (£250)” from Tsai x Tsai – a London-based gemstone jewellery brand inspired by Taiwanese heritage ( ).

The bracelet is made with a variety of natural gemstone and the bracelet itself is adjustable – perfect for gifting!

Tapered Fit Shirts are specifically designed for muscular/athletic guys.


Tapered had a vision to help guys with an athletic build find shirts that fit as they should. Creating a new, unique shirt fit that enhances the male physique and provide full range of motion… while eliminating fabric billowing around your waist.

The TAPERED fit shirt is intricately designed by leading tailors and industry experts. The design is to emphasize the male V taper and give a sharp streamlined look.

Available in an array of colours and patterns, with no confusing size charts making it the ideal gift for this holiday season.

Check out their website here –


Walwater Gifts… the Christmas gift Basket Specialists!

Gift baskets with fine brands of gourmet products and wines.

For more than 10 years, Walwater Gifts is known as one of the best gift suppliers in Europe. They efficiently deliver uniquely designed gifts PERFECT for any occasion, holiday and also event.

All of their gift baskets are perfect for everybody.

Gift Baskets can be ordered from either of their websites

Christmas Appreciation with Moët & Chandon

Ambassador Cookies Basket

French Morning Sunrise – Wine & Cheese Gift Hamper

Ya Habibi Platter

Duo Glenfiddich

Royal Treat – Gift Basket

Christmas MOET Treasure chest Gift Basket

Mama Mia – XL Pasta Gift Basket

Jack and The Treats

Special Occasions – Chocolate Gift Basket

The Courage Habit, by Kate Swoboda, is a guide to accepting your fears, releasing the past, and living your most courageous life.

The 4 steps of the Courage Habit are:

Access the Body
Listen Without Attachment
Reframe Limiting Stories
Create community

Kate shares the key to creating courage as a brain-based habit for more confidence, progress towards goals, and emotional resilience, including actionable ways to turn fearful habits into create courageous habits.

The Courage Habit on Amazon:


More about The Courage Habit :
The Courage Habit has now been featured on more than 60 podcasts, as well as in Forbes, UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and Psych Central. The book received several endorsements from New York Times best-selling authors and was recently named a “top book on habits” by Book Riot.

Taralinga Estate Olive Oil from Victoria

Melita Latham London introduces the design of an immensely practical, yet stylish backpack for the everyday traveller.

Our Luxury Travel Backpack was born from an absolute passion for travel and fashion.

Daily life is increasingly busy with a requirement to be responsive at all times; whether it be transporting a mobile office, the essentials for a day on location or a reliable flight bag. The Melita Latham London backpack has been designed with you in mind.

Key Features

Quilted back

Zip pockets outer

Open pockets for passport and card holder pockets inner

Hidden back pocket

Extendable straps

Document separation

Suitable for carrying laptops, chargers and everyday essentials

English Wine Tours from London make excellent Christmas Gift ideas for that hard to buy wine lover in every family.

Public tours depart from central London and private tours are available upon request. Prices start from £125 pp and gift vouchers are bookable on their website.

Slab & Tipple, are an artisan chocolate company, based in North London. They hand-craft small-batch chocolate treats, including a range of high-quality chocolate bars infused with CBD oil.

With no THC present, the bars are not psychotropic, so won’t get you high! But CBD is widely reported as being a great support for some health issues, such as anxiety and stress, with many more people using CBD as a post-workout muscle recovery supplement and sleep aid.

The bars come in both a 20% and 40% oil strength, and are available in dark, milk and ruby chocolate. Available from the Slab & Tipple website, bars are priced £24.95 for 20% oil strength (contains 200mg CBD total) and £29.95 for 40% oil strength (contains 400mg CBD total). Each bar is 100g, and comes in snappable segments, so you can easily manage how much you are taking at once.

In addition to their CBD range, they also produce a range of flavoured bars infused with natural oils priced at £3.95, suitable for all ages, including classic, fun and moreish flavours (white chocolate with blackberry and popping candy, anyone?).

MY Furniture Selected to Furnish Luxury Show House

MY Furniture’s products were recently chosen to dress a luxury five bed show house in Bramcote, Nottingham. Their furniture, lighting and accessories have been used harmoniously throughout the property, to create a stylish family home; sit back and enjoy as we take you on a tour of this exclusive development.

Appointed by Willmark Homes, interior designer Nykke Jones selected a variety of key pieces from MY Furniture’s extensive range to compliment this sleek, contemporary show house. Inspired by the architectural features of the property, Nykke wanted to create a sophisticated yet edgy feel using a colour palette of soft taupe’s and creamy beige’s, combined with pops of peacock blue and burnt orange. Striking black and luxurious metallic elements were used to create a sense of drama throughout this new build.

The entrance hall features the impressive four-door Ravello sideboard, pictured above, leading to an open-plan living space. Here Nykke has used the Kronos dining table and Alveare dining chairs, centred under the Alveare LED pendant light, to create an inviting dining space.

In the kitchen, two of MY Furniture’s Alveare modular pendant lights hang side by side over the island where their graphic, honeycomb pattern complements the minimal kitchen design beautifully. A sociable kitchen seating area has been created with the use of the Alveare counter stools.

The downstairs living area features a variety of furniture pieces, lamps and accessories that were carefully selected from MY Furniture’s various collections to create a cohesive design space. Seating, storage and practical tables with brass detailing have been combined to create a stylish yet usable living area.

Upstairs is just as impressive with five bedrooms all beautifully styled from MY Furniture’s bedroom collections. Each of the schemes features an upholstered bed, bedside tables, dressing table and seating as well as wall lights or table lamps.

Customers can view MY Furniture’s striking designs first hand in their main showroom located in Nottingham. For those with access to London, MY Furniture also have an exciting 30 square metre pop-up showroom in Chelsea Creek where their most interesting, unique and beautiful items can be viewed. New for MY Furniture, the aim of their pop-up shop was to display a variety of finishes with a cohesive palette, which best represents their current style direction.