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It’s not just about “spring cleaning” anymore. Spring may be here, but so is COVID-19. Now, it’s about how to deep clean and protect our home environment.

Storing bulk supplies and foods, like dry foods, dog food, paper towels and toilet paper, and spending prolonged time at home, unfortunately creates an ideal habitat for damaging rodents and pests to come inside and not be so socially distant.

In addition to these CDC home cleaning recommendations, consider then the following tips from pest prevention expert, CEO/Founder of EarthKind, Kari Warberg Block, to help prevent what nobody should have to worry about right now- spring pest infestations:

Clean up areas where traces of pet food may be present to eliminate attractants that can lure pantry moths, ants and mice into the space. Dog food is the number 1 rodent attractant.
Transfer dry food into airtight glass, metal, or plastic containers to protect it from moths, weevils and small beetles.
Look closely to identify tiny cracks in the walls, windows, doors, and around plumbing and electrical wires. Seal them with caulk or weatherstrip so rodents and pests can’t get in.
Fix any leaks. A leaky faucet or water seeping indoors will encourage critters like spiders, ants and cockroaches to come in and stay awhile.
Spray the insides of your dresser or wardrobe with a vinegar-based cleaner. Then wash it with a warm soap solution. Remove any drawers before you begin cleaning, the gap between the wall of the wardrobe and the shelves is a moth’s favorite place to hide.
Want more tips? Check out the full list here. EarthKind’s plant-based, poison-free pest repellents, for Rodents, Ants, Moths and Spiders, will create a pest-free zone for your home, and are safe for use around children and pets when used as directed.

EarthKind Stay Away Rodent:
Stay Away® Rodent’s fast-acting, plant-powered ingredients are sourced with 80% coming from American regenerative family farms, upholding EarthKind’s commitment to sustaining a transparent ingredient supply-chain. The formula, consisting of balsam fir oil, lavender oil, Spanish rosemary oil, cedar oil, orange oil, lemon oil and plant fibers, generates a powerful scent that, while pleasant to us, effectively disturbs mice and rats’ highly-sensitive scent receptors, making them stay away without causing them, you, or the environment any harm.

Price: $25.80 (4pack)

EarthKind Stay Away Moths:
EarthKind’s plant-based and poison-free Stay Away Moths repellent swaps toxic moth-balls for a unique blend of essential oils. Its cedarwood, geranium and gerinol patented formula effectively keeps moths away without harm to you, your pets, children or environment, while preserving the quality and longevity of your favorite clothes. It’s also effective against pantry moths. Link to site, Stay Away Moths.

Price: $25.80 (4pack)

EarthKind Stay Away Spiders:
Made with Citronella, Lemongrass and Rosemary, Stay Away® Spiders disrupts a spider’s sophisticated senses, keeping them out of treated areas with a scent pleasant to people, but offensive to spiders. Use one pouch anywhere webs or spiders are noticed, such as basements, closets and attics, increasing the number of pouches until desired results are obtained. Replace when scent has diminished, typically within 30-60 days.

Price: $25.80 (4pack)

EarthKind Stay Away Ants:
Made with Lemongrass, Peppermint and Thyme, Stay Away® Ants pouches should be placed where food particles are present, keeping ants away by emitting a scent pleasant to people, but offensive to super-sensitive ants. Use one pouch anywhere ants go to find food, such as pantries and cupboards, increasing the number of pouches until desired results are obtained. Replace when scent has diminished, typically within 30-60 days.

Price: $25.80 (4pack)


Pouch PodTM
The Pouch PodTM is a bio-based pouch holder (plastic-free) made of family-farm grown flax and other plant fibers. Place any Stay Away® pouch in the Pod to prevent and repel pests. It preserves the essential oil for up to 3x longer, prevents curious children and pets from tampering with the pouch, and protects finished wooden surfaces and clothing that may be affected by essential oils. It’s also a great way to hang up the pouch in closets or pantries.

Price: $25.80 (4pack)

About EarthKind®
Founded by leading pest prevention expert Kari Warberg Block, EarthKind® is a pioneer in natural prevention for families and households everywhere. EarthKind is a pest prevention brand that manufactures naturally powerful and effective pest solutions that keep pests away, without killing or poisoning them. All EarthKind® products are sourced from American farms and designed by inventive artists, scientists and engineers who care about the earth. EarthKind® products are made in the USA and the company provides handicapped individuals with meaningful employment. Kari was awarded the 2019 GMDC Retail Champions of Change award for her role as an inspirational industry retail leader, and was named to the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman Class of 2012, 2013 ND SBA Small Business Person of the Year and National Second Runner Up. Her latest product line, Stay Away® was the winner of the 2015 NEXTY People’s Choice Award for Best New Product of the Year. Learn more at .