DRYSURE. the Wireless, use anywhere footwear dryer. www.drysure.co

DRYSURE. the Wireless, use anywhere footwear dryer. www.drysure.co


Dry your footwear 12 times faster than traditional air drying. Drysure is the ultimate footwear dryer for the active person. Wet feet lose heat 25 times faster than dry feet, whether due to rain and snow or built up sweat. Plus, sweat that builds up inside shoes and boots can turn into a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli, Meningitis, and Klebsiella. Leaving your shoes or boots to dry overnight? Air drying overnight only dries 2% of moisture from shoes and boots. Drysure not only dries your footwear properly, but restricts the growth of bacteria and fungi.
Less smelly, more comfortable, and much healthier for your feet.

Drysure Active £24.95

Drysure Extreme £29.95

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