Feature Part 20! Looking Back On what Was a Lovely Spring & Summer and giving thanks for that and the amazing companies and services who contribute so much to human progress and happiness! Here Focusing On homes & Interiors + Sound Systems for listening to Classical Music!

Bose Quiet Comfort 35’s They’re now available at ZUMI – […]

Bose Quiet Comfort 35’s

They’re now available at ZUMI – which is one of the only websites in Australia where you can get them today, and pay later (interest-free) with zipPay flexible payment plans.

We’re all about paying for quality today – and pay for it later. Rather than spending your money on low-grade audio, and paying up front.

Check the link out here: https://zumi.com.au/products/bose-quietcomfort-35-over-ear-wireless-headphones-silver


Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, the perfect acoustical application to listen to classical music due to their comfort and sonic sophistication.

The headphones allow for hours of nonstop use due to their memory foam ear pads and cowhide and lambskin leather that provide incredible comfort to wearers. In addition, the MW50s are noise-isolating and tuned to provide an expansive soundscape, ensuring you pick up on every note in your favorite classical music hit.

Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless On-Ear Headphonesare available now at www.masterdynamic.com for $449, and to celebrate the holiday season, Master & Dynamic will also be releasing The Greene Street Collection, introducing the MW50 in two new colorways: olive green and black on black.

As a special event disc jockey and an all around audiophile, headphones are important.

For professional use, I actually go a simple route. I perform with a basic pair of white Sony headphones. This might seem counter to a DJ, but the functionality and durability are what’s important. A typical event is comprised of 40-60 songs. While the song the guests are hearing is playing, I’m cueing up the next track. This requires listening to 15 to 60 seconds of a song to make sure the pitch and/or the beats match. I pull the headphones off my airs and back around my neck once the song is cued, and I do back every time I cue a song. That kind of wear and tear is too much for most headphones. The basic Sony headphones take the wear and tear pretty well. I perform 80 to 100 events per year, so I typically have to replace even those headphones once or twice a year. So, for performance, and because you’re basically doing technical work, the high end sound performance is not as crucial.
For personal use, that’s an entirely different story. When I’m at home or kicking back somewhere, I want perfect audio. There’s a lot of choices out there, a lot of great choices. For me, I prefer the Bose noise cancelling headphones. They eliminate all the ambient noise and you can really listen to the full clarity of a track.
I often times record a night’s mix. In my downtime, I’ll listen to the mix on the Bose headphones. I’m able to fully enjoy the music, and evaluate would could have been improved with the night’s performance. The clarity is so good you sometimes hear the imperfections of a song recording! And the noise cancelling feature really is amazing. You’d be surprised how much “air” is pulled out your listening experience. It’s truly remarkable.

Rod Baker III
Special Events DJ

BTS PRO Headphones

The headphones come fully equipped with aptX technology – the best-kept secret by professional audio industry, used by major public broadcasters and film studios around the world.Image result for BTS PRO Headphones The only motivation you’ll need for the gym is that you’ll get to listen to your music without being restricted by wires and experience the new era of wireless sound.

Key features:

· The headphones feature aptX technology

· Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology

· MotionControl Smart App for iOS designed to give you more personalisation

· Comfort is a given with the cutting Edge Flexible Plastic

· The ultimate gym buddy – sweat proof and lightweight in design


SymphoniQ On-Ear Headphones


Product Description: The SymphoniQ bluetooth headphones offer a more immersivesound experience, allowing the brain to switch off and relax in comfort at theend of a demanding day. With a stylish white design, black trim and chromeaccents, SymphoniQ gives you a chic modern look. Powerful 40mm dynamic driverswith a carefully crafted sound profile deliver rich sound down to 10hz –generating a sub-bass resonance that other Bluetooth headphones can only dreamabout. Plus, the innovative hybrid open/closed ear cup design enables a broadersound stage, meaning you enjoy much more detail in your music. With theadjustable headband, supple leather earcups and insane battery life, you canimmerse yourself in stunning sound for up to 20 hours in total comfort.

Price: $69.99

URL: https://www.amazon.com/Over-Ear-Bluetooth-Headphones-SoundWhiz/dp/B01LPM8O0Y/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1505168052&sr=8-3&keywords=soundwhiz

Studio monitor headphones.

They’re designed with a flat EQ (no processing) to make sure engineers can catch (and adjust) an extended range of frequencies without being drowned out – which is great for classical since an orchestra is pretty much the standard for a complete frequency range.

If you can cheat a little, we recommend getting yourself a separate tube-driven EQ unit to run in-between your headphones and audio source. This will increase the warmth, sense of space, and allow you tweak the sound (if you like). Obviously, this isn’t the greatest for rugby games, but the sound is good enough to make me consider bringing it along.

SleepPhones are headphones in a headband that make it comfortable to listen to Classical music, audiobooks, or whatever sounds that would help somebody fall asleep. ​They allow people the freedom to sleep on their side without worrying about painful earbuds or bulky headsets.

Two main models: the Classic, which has a cord, and the Wireless. They cost $39.99 and $99.99 respectively.

This product has a long list of testimonials from people who we have helped sleep better. Gifting SleepPhones is a way for people to help their loved ones get the best sleep they can.

Best True Wireless Earbuds NOVA

 TRNDlabs (https://www.trndlabs.com/), an international lifestyle brand that is committed to produce innovative products. Our range of products combine style and functionality, making them suited for your everyday life and accompany you wherever the journey may take you.NOVA was created with the mantra of wireless freedom in mind. The earbuds are perfect for sports enthusiasts, travellers, fashion lovers and extremely functional for people “on the go”. With its minimal design, premium materials and a power case capable of replacing your powerbank, you would expect NOVA to be priced at the top end of the market. Instead, NOVA is more affordable than any comparable product – retailing at just $79 USD. The earbuds also give you the ability to receive calls with a single movement of your hands to your ears, provides a lifeline to your devices in emergency low-battery situations, and unlocks a world of possibilities when it comes to sports and activities. More about NOVA can be found here: https://www.trndlabs.com/product/nova-true-wireless-earbuds/.

For classical music, you want a completely neutral headphone that doesn’t color the sound at all. For that reason, Sennheiser headphones are ideal for classical. Most of their on-ear headphones are open-backed, which is perfect for reproducing the desired orchestral soundstage (i.e. everything sounds like it does in an actual orchestra, with the violins sitting slightly to the left, the flutes sitting to the right, etc.).

Unfortunately, open-backed headphones leak a lot of sound and also let in a lot of ambient noise. As a result, they are not well-suited for travel, rugby games, training or any other use where you will be around people. That is why I prefer the Sennheiser HD1.

The HD1 sacrifices a bit of sound quality over the open-backed models, but still reproduces every instrument clearly. More importantly, it provides optimum noise isolation, so you only hear your music and not the sounds around you. It is also incredibly comfortable and looks great too, with a cool retro design.

Here is the link to the product page on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7UBGGQ?th=1

Bath Rugby player Dave Attwood wearing the best-selling Oppo PM-3. Perfect for on the go outdoor or indoor

Thomas Sanderson’s conservatory valet product

A valet service includes the following –

Remove dirt and algae, restoring frames, finials and crestings
Clean and lubricate all window and door locks
Clear guttering and fit a leaf guard to prevent future blockages
Treat glass with Valet Guard® to renovate and protect your windows
Apply patination oil to lead flashing to prevent oxidisation
Protect your conservatory against unnecessary repairs
Clean, polish and treat internal & external roof and window surfaces
The Conservatory Valet service is available nationwide


Company description: SunBriteTV engineers and manufactures award-winning televisions and displays built specifically for outdoor use. SunBriteTV developed the industry’s first all-weather TV in 2004 and its products have been time-tested in home installations, outdoor sports arenas, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, colleges, and airports.

Here is a description of the newest in the lineup, the Veranda’s Series: SunBriteTV’s Veranda Series, weatherproof televisions that are designed for permanent outdoor installation in shaded environments is available in three screen sizes (43”, 55” and 65”), the Veranda Series comes standard with a premium direct-lit 4K UHD screen, is brighter than typical indoor televisions and includes built-in down-firing speakers.

While approx. 30% brighter than indoor televisions, the Veranda Series is designed for full-shade applications. Rust-proof powder-coated aluminum exteriors, large media bays and installer -friendly cable-entry systems retain the SunBriteTV weatherproof standard, fully resisting rain, moisture, dust, grease and insects. Built for permanent outdoor installation in shaded locations, Veranda offers an operating temperature range of -24 to 104°F, and storage temperature range from -24 to 140°F. The Veranda Series also supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.

The Veranda Series can be ordered directly from https://www.sunbritetv.com/products/televisions/veranda-series.

Price points for the Veranda: 43” ($1,499.00) 55” ($1,999.00) 65” ($3,499.00)

How to Create a Top Trending, Beautiful & Functional Space

by Dawn D Totty DESIGNS

Do you live in your forever home or perhaps your just getting started with a home renovation or buying your 1st home?! The truth is why not make our home our own unique space, one that lets the people who enter know who lives, laughs, dines, sleeps and for many work there? Our homes and offices should be as unique as we are, a one of a kind space, one that mirrors the individual not the masses!! There are many pro interior designer “Tips & Tricks” that can help you on your way to creating your very own custom designed space, here are just a few!

Trends are a perfect place to start as trends have staying power of at least 10 years and have very little risk of fizzling out quickly. Look for metallic finishes such as mercury glass, brass, gold, and bronze. These warm and elegant finishes are now being showcased from faucets to furniture!

Wallpaper on walls, ceilings, built in backings and even back-splashes are dominating today’s most current homes and offices!

Textiles in lush velvet’s , metallic prints and rugged fibers all work together in the same room.

Colors in pinks, blush, black, deep rich blues and greens will cover walls, bedding & accessories from the east to the west coasts!

Appliances with energy saving qualities like an induction cook-top and pop up downdraft systems are becoming increasingly more popular with today’s savvy home owners.

With today’s fast paced life-styles, more and more of us are seeking a beautiful, warm and inviting living space with, cozy reading nooks, finished basements for recreation and outdoor entertainment areas for our friends, neighbors and occasional over night guests. Here are a few essentials to point you in the right direction to making your home more inviting for yourself and your guests!

Guest Bedrooms

For starters, think like a guest, what would make life easier when you away on an over night stay? A bedside carafe with a water glass. Is a nice touch.

Clean (preferably new) towels.

A fresh basket of body care products in full size or samples.

Plenty of empty hangers and an empty drawer for their clothing.

Many are accustomed to sleeping with a sound machine, fan or television, having one placed in their room is a great gesture and will save digging for one at bed time.

Outdoor Entertainment Area’s

Fire-pits are a great gathering place for toasting marshmallows, conversation & cocktails.

Al Fresco dining is like having a mini vacation from our daily routine and a refreshing change of pace. A dining table with a bench and a few chairs, using lanterns, colorful potted plants and herbs, string lights and an area rug to pull it all together makes for a sweet retreat right on your own property!

If you like Cards Against Humanity, you’ll LOVE this.

London-based startup, Gutter Games, is making a big splash in the adult party game market with the launch of their inaugural game, Gutterhead – the fiendishly filthy drawing game. Soon to be on every twisted adults’ wish list this Christmas.
Adult party games are big business and their popularity is set to skyrocket even further with the recent release of Cards Against Humanity 2.0 and the exciting new launch of British contender, Gutterhead – the fiendishly filthy drawing game.

Wave goodbye to the wholesome days of Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble, and say hello to the side-splitting, profanity-riddled games of the millennial generation.
Cost of living is on the up so people are choosing to stay in for boozy games nights rather than a pricey night on the town.
Cards Against Humanity and Kickstarter superstar Exploding Kittens have spearheaded the movement of party games out of geek culture and into the realms of pop culture.
They provide a short respite from the tech that has infiltrated our lives and enable us to connect on a more meaningful level with our friends and family (even if aided with enough alcohol to tranquillize a horse).
Most simply described as the messed-up love child of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity, Gutterhead is a fiendishly filthy drawing game for adults.
Hilariously fun and absurdly quick to learn, teams must tap into their depraved minds and compete head-to-head to out-draw and out-guess their opponents: one player from each team draws the fiendishly filthy word (i.e. “morning glory”, “human centipede”, “pearl necklace”) while their teammates frantically try to guess the word before another team does. The first team to guess correctly wins the round. Simple.
Zak, co-founder of Gutter Games said, “we stumbled across the idea on NYE, having grown bored (no pun intended) of endless rounds of family Pictionary over Christmas. We decided to create our own ‘x-rated’ version and before we knew it we were dragging it around dinner parties, hen dos and pre-drinks, utilising anyone with a foul-mind and affinity for alcohol to test the game. Once our cupboards were maxed-out with prototypes, we decided to push the button and go to production. Now it’s time for us to share our despicable creation with the world – we hope you love it!”
Gutterhead is available on www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074G1R4N4 and www.gutterheadgame.com.
Promo code: Receive £5-off on Amazon using code: LAUNCH11

Like all good things, Gutterhead is classy on the outside and filthy on the inside 😉

WIND Furniture

Broste Copenhagen present their very first furniture collection. Their strong design identity and brand DNA form the silhouettes, colours and materials of this collection. With great attention to tactility, the furniture collection is upholstered with quality velvet, making it exceptional to look and thrilling to touch. The colour palette ranging from warm tans to drizzle grey, and hues of deep matte blues accented by muted shades of gold, has been chosen to accentuate the designs, and the materials. The Broste Copenhagen AW17 Furniture Collection consist of a sofa, chaise lounge, pouf and armchair in the WIND-series and the Pernille lounge chair.

The WIND sofa is designed for comfort and functionality in a timeless modern Nordic design. The lavish, luxurious velvet is a perfect match for natural materials like wood and steel, and the sofa piece is a string, yet subtle statement.

The WIND Arm Chair is in the same Modern Nordic design as the sofa, but a stunning piece own right. With its soft velvet upholstery in deeply saturated colours surrounding its body, it is the ultimate velvet arm chair to cosy up in.

The WIND chaise Lounge is perfect for a relaxed living room. The soft look of the velvet invites you to put your feet up. The chaise lounge is stylish and incredible comfortable.

A furniture chameleon, a pouf can add seating, table space or a place to rest your legs.

This large velvet covered pouf is part of the new WIND line of luxuriously upholstered furniture .

The WIND collection retails as follows: Armchair £700, Sofa £1410, Chaise Lounge £1270 and the Pouf £397.00


Enjoy fantastic comfort and add a luxurious velvet twist to any décor setting. The frame comes upholstered with either a vibrant Insignia Blue velvet fabric or in a rich espresso colour.

Recommended retail price £285.00



Anglian Home Improvements offers up to £3,000 for your old windows and doors

Anglian Home Improvements is helping homeowners in to improve the energy efficiency of their homes this winter and to combat energy price hikes, with a newly launched scrappage scheme which will see customers receive up to £3,000* to scrap their old windows and doors.

The scheme will run from 20th September to 31st October and, during this time, Anglian customers will also have the opportunity to benefit from a discount of up to 40%* off new thermally efficient replacement windows and doors.

Martin Rutter, Managing Director at Anglian Home Improvements, comments: “Scrappage is a win-win solution for both our valued customers and the environment too; and, with the cold winter months fast approaching, there’s no better time to benefit from this fantastic offer.

“We know a typical property can lose up to £2,800 worth of energy over a decade, and as much as 18% of the energy we pay for is lost through our windows. New energy-efficient windows and doors not only transform the look of a home, they also add-up to savings when it comes to heating the home.

“Scrappage gives our customers the opportunity to upgrade their property at a more affordable price, while also helping to off-set the hikes we are all seeing in our monthly energy bills – safe in the knowledge their old windows and doors have been responsibly recycled. Terms and conditions do apply, so we would urge all customers to visit our website for full details.”

As well as the opportunity to benefit from thousands of pounds worth of savings through Anglian’s scrappage scheme, customers will also stand to receive a discount of up to 40% on their order if they take advantage of the ‘Help Us Help You’ initiative.

The premise is simple, the more customers spread the word about Anglian, the more they save. From providing an online review or referring a friend, to simply following Anglian on social media or having a showhome board outside the property, there are 9 easy steps to saving money. It is up to each individual customer how many steps they complete, but the more they do, the bigger the qualifying discount.

The scrappage scheme applies to all Anglian window, door and porch ranges. Further details are available at www.anglianhome.co.uk/why/current-offers.

For more information about Anglian Home Improvements and its wide range of home improvement products, including double glazed windows and doors, conservatories and orangeries, visit www.anglianhome.co.uk.

Lucy Shore, Creative Designer at window dressing expert, Swish, give her AW17 trend predictions:

The Beauty of Darkness

“AW17 brings with it a dark yet mysteriously beautiful look. The Beauty of Darkness trend encompasses a host of gorgeously rich almost jewel-like and mineral hues within its colour palette, from silvery greys through to almost black, to add a touch of opulence to your décor.

“These shades provide the perfect backdrop to which you can add hints of sparkle and metallics. We are seeing these come through in shimmery wallpapers and lookout for swirls of dark shades across furniture too. Florals in white, plum and gold look stunning on a dark background so these are an ideal way to add accents of colour through your cushions and soft furnishings too.

“Add plenty of cut and textured glass, metal and iridescent accessories to tie this trend together to avoid it looking too heavy by bringing the sparkle effect to life.

“The crystal-like Capella finial and curtain pole from Swish’s Elements collection fits this trend perfectly, instantly adding shimmer to your window dressing. It is available in Chrome, Satin Chrome, Antique Brass and Graphite, and all would work within this look. (prices from £43.20 for a 120cm pole).

“For a finishing crystal touch, try the Vetrobello tie-back, which boasts a host of faceted acrylic beads for real shimmer. Available in Clear, Amethyst and Charcoal and priced from £12.50 each.”

For further information and stockists visit www.swish.co.uk or call 01543 271421.

Our homes & offices should be as unique as we are, a one of a kind design, one that mirrors the individual and not the masses! Here are a few designer tips that can help you create your own custom space!

Trends are a perfect place to start as trends have staying power of at least 10 years and have very little risk of fizzling out quickly. Look for metallic finishes such as mercury glass, brass, gold, and bronze. These warm and elegant finishes are now being showcased from faucets to furniture!

Wallpaper on walls, ceilings, built in backings and even back-splashes are dominating today’s most current homes and offices!

Textiles in lush velvet’s, metallic prints and rugged fibers all work together in the same room.

Colors in pinks, blush, black, deep rich blues and greens will cover walls, bedding & accessories from the east to the west coasts!

Appliances with energy saving qualities like an induction cook-top and pop up downdraft systems are becoming increasingly more popular with today’s savvy home owners.

With today’s fast paced life-styles, more and more of us are seeking a beautiful, warm and inviting living space with cozy reading nooks, finished basements for recreation and outdoor entertainment areas for our friends and neighbors.

Here are a few essentials to point you in the right direction to making your home more inviting for yourself and your guests!

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Firepits are a great gathering place for toasting marshmallows, conversation & cocktails.

Al Fresco Dining is like having a mini vacation from our daily routine & a refreshing chance from eating indoors!

By adding a dining table, bench, a few chairs, sting lights, lanterns and area rug to pull it all together will make for a sweet retreat on your own property!

Oh and don’t forget music to help set the right atmosphere!!

France & Son  Sean Dix Felt Chest


Noguchi Coffee Table (https://www.franceandson.com/mid-century-modern-noguchi-coffee-table-american-walnut-small.html), Karon TV Stand (https://www.franceandson.com/karon-tv-stand-79-long.html), Mogensen 2213 Sofa (https://www.franceandson.com/mid-century-modern-mogensen-2213-sofa-grey-wool.html, and 2204 Wingback Chair (https://www.franceandson.com/mid-century-modern-2204-wingback-armchair-black-leather.html).


New Fabric Collections from ILIV

Sketchbook Fern Highgrove Auburn

Sketchbook Collection in Fern, from £19.50 per meter. Highgrove Collection in Auburn, from £19.50 per meter


From Shimu

Ainslie Wool Rug Pink Stripes Loopy Wool Rug Grey

Ainslie Wool Rug Pink Stripes from £275.00, Loopy Wool Rug Grey from £275.00


New Lighting from Fritz Fryer

Aston Lantern 02 Aston Table Lamp 03

Meet the fantastic, new Aston Lantern with its steampunk aesthetic inspired by a love of clock and watch design and drawing on the rich engineering history of the Midlands, where Fritz Fryer are situated. The Aston lantern is handmade in the UK using hand blown glass exclusively for Fritz Fryer. Lantern £980.00, Table Lamp from £1370.00

Upton Ceramic Pendant 02 Upton Ceramic Pendant 01

Upton Ceramic Pendant Light £195.00


Multifuel stoves, wall mounted from ACR Stoves

NEO 1W Multifuel Stove NEO 3W Multifuel Stove

NEO 1W Multifuel Stove £1460.00, NEO 3W Multifuel Stove £1545.00


Family and women owned and operated in San Diego, California, Blindsgalore is the first online retailer of custom window coverings, with over two million windows covered and counting. Customers are invited to order free swatch samples, allowing them to see and feel the products in their own home, and are offered free shipping. Blindsgalore is an industry pioneer and their limitless selection of handcrafted window treatments and simplified step-by-step customization process means itʼs never been easier for customers to get themselves the windows theyʼve always wanted. All of Blindsgalore’s products are custom built to the customer’s exact measurements for a flawless fit and designer look without a designer price tag.

The Cornish Bed Company

The company’s small team of skilled artisans hand casts iron, brass and nickel beds at it foundry at Par in mid-Cornwall. It’s one of the last foundries in the country still using Victorian casting techniques. Each bed frame is hand poured using traditional gravity casting and then individually numbered, creating a bespoke product for every customer. The iron beds are powder coated in a choice of colours and the brass beds are skilfully antiqued and lacquered by hand.

Cornwall, as you know, is a county steeped in rich cultural traditions and diverse artisanal skills, and The Cornish Bed Company is playing its part in protecting that industrial heritage. Celebrity chef Paul Ainsworth has a Cornish Bed in his renowned six-suite hotel in Padstow (https://www.paul-ainsworth.co.uk/padstow-townhouse/suites/honeycomb/), and the Countess of Burlington chose one as part of her refurbishment of Park Farm House on the Chatsworth Estate.

The range includes iron, brass, and nickel beds, day beds, four posters, half testers and headboards.

The beds can also be made bespoke for our canine companions. The company spotted the high-end gap in the market after developing a miniature bed to demonstrate to customers the production process for their human beds. Such was the demand, they’re now a permanent part of Cornish Bed’s repertoire. They’re made using exactly the same methods and materials as human-sized beds, and can be made-to-order. The range includes a miniature four poster and day bed.

As well as having its base in Cornwall, the company has a showroom in Chiswick, along with its sister company Naturalmat, which manufactures high quality natural fibre and organic mattresses at it’s base in Devon. It uses entirely sustainable and renewable raw materials to produce a premium, long-lasting product used not just domestically, but by hotels around the world.


“We keep on getting new contacts and I’d say it’s our best show all year and a must for us.” Exhibitor, Curiousa & Curiousa

“This is one of the must-see events of the London interior design calendar” Laura Ivill, CityAM

Disruptive Dining by Larry Walshe Champagne Bar designed by Shalini Misra

Decorex celebrated 40 years of exceptional design with another highly successful event in the prestigious grounds of Syon Park. As the leading UK destination for interior design, the four-day showcase featured high profile exhibitors across all sectors including furniture, interiors and lighting and attracted over 14,000 trade and consumer visitors.

Disruptive Dining, the main entrance installation, featured four unique and elegant exclusive dining scenes bringing together the worlds of fashion, floristry, set and interior design. Created by leading designers including Matthew Williamson at Osborne & Little, Larry Walshe, Beata Heuman with Fromental and EligoStudio, these innovative settings brought to life a summer garden party in a stately home, a geometric metaphysical sunset dinner, an architect’s working dinner and a casual dining floral feast.

Decorex International 2017 attracted over 14,000 visitors Disruptive Dining by EligoStudio

The visual extravaganzas continued inside, particularly at the Shalini Misra-designed Champagne Bar which at its centre piece was an exquisite crystal chandelier designed by Erfre for Clartes. Inspired by the world’s first exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851 opened by Queen Victoria, the design represented the fountain under the original canopy, topped with Prince of Wales feathers with a vegan gilding by royal wood carver Paul Wilson. With 55 LED candles and more than 6000 Swarovski crystals, the chandelier gave a ‘royal’ seal of approval to this prestigious event.

The Entrance Café marked Decorex’s 40th anniversary theme of collaboration with the coming together of three leading Derbyshire brands, Blackpop, Curiousa & Curiousa and Royal Crown Derby, who celebrated the creative heritage of the county. Inside the halls the ambience continued with the Design Sense installations featuring a sensory experience created by Rachel Vosper, an audio space by Lamont in collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins, “Sight Sensation” by Tim Gosling and friends, and a touch feature area by Country Life in collaboration with The Campaign for Wool.

Future Heritage, Merel Karhof and Marc Trotereau

One of the undoubted highlights was Future Heritage, where 15 makers exhibited designs commissioned especially for Decorex. Ceramicist David Marques, furniture designer Richard Lowry and jeweller Naomi McIntosh were among those who received new commissions and made contacts in different sectors and territories for their work. Curated by Corinne Julius, this show-within-a show has been an innovative success for Decorex and will feature new stars next year.

Future Heritage, Simon Hasan

The Decorex Design Awards were judged by celebrated Interior Designers Shalini Misra, Fernanda Marques and Staffan Tollgård. Scottish furniture company Faolchu was awarded Best Newcomer for their exceptionally crafted timeless pieces, lighting designers Giopato & Coombes scooped Best New Product for their emotive and innovative products, cutting edge Italian fabric company Dedar won Best Stand Award and Czech glass company Lasvit walked away with Best International Exhibitor.

Design Sense Touch with Country Life Dedar, Decorex Best Stand Award Winner

Key interiors titles selected their winning exhibitors with contemporary furniture designer Tom Faulkner walking away with The English Home award for Best in British Craftsmanship and the World of Interiors Award for Excellence going to Westbury Garden Rooms. Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam scooped House & Garden’s Most Stylish Product award and Faolchu saw yet more success with FX awarding the Scottish brand Best Contemporary Design.

After such a successful 2017 show, Decorex will be back next year so save the date for 2018 when the best of British and international design will be on show at Syon Park once again.

Lasvit, Best International Exhibitor Award Winner Giopato & Coombes, Best New Product Award Winner

After such a successful 2017 show, Decorex will be back next year so save the date for 2018 when the best of British and international design will be on show at Syon Park once again.

What people are saying

“Cracking good Decorex International, lots of edgy young brands plus super sets of big names.” Barbara Chandler, Evening Standard

“Everyone talks about Decorex, it is an important thing for the design community…. . You get to meet leaders of the design industry and the interior design world itself.” Dedar, New Exhibitor

“It’s such an amazing opportunity. It’s all the customers that you wouldn’t be able to reach any other way because you don’t know them.” David Marques, Future Heritage Exhibitor

“I have lots of leads and interest, there have been buyers, designers, commercial companies so all very exciting.” Naomi McIntosh, Future Heritage Exhibitor

“It is a one stop shop for interior designers and stylists, I could not recommend it enough for people wanting to spot trends and look for new design inspiration.” Industry Visitor

“Decorex is a chance to discover something you have never seen before, truly bespoke design.” Nicola Holden, Interior Designer


Decorex International 2018 Syon Park

16-19 September 2018

(comments by Sara Bazeley, Brand Manager)

Latest Trends, Must Haves & Essential Items

The Indesit Aria built-in oven (KFW 3844 H IX)
Providing up to 71 litres of cooking capacity, the ‘A+’ energy rated Indesit Aria single built-in oven (KFW 3844 H IX) is ideal for families, and for cooking the largest roast and a selection of dishes together. Boasting 11 cooking functions, including Multilevel and the clever Turn&Cook function, the Indesit Aria built-in oven simplifies cooking with today’s hectic family lifestyles.

Turn&Cook allows consumers to cook a selection of handy recipes without the hassle of choosing the right cooking programme. With just one turn of the control knob, the oven automatically sets the cooking time and oven temperature to cook over 80 recipes, perfectly, in just one hour. The oven automatically switches off at the end of the cooking time, so whatever you are busy doing the dish will not spoil. The Multilevel function allows users to cook a selection of dishes on several shelf levels at the same time, without the mixing of the flavours or aromas.

Key features and benefits:
Integrated electric single oven, forming part of the Indesit Aria collection of built-in cooking appliances
‘A+’ energy rating
71 litre capacity for cooking the largest roast and a selection of dishes all at once
Digital display with minute minder for ease of use and convenience
EcoClean function, which uses the natural power of steam to break down food residues, so all the user has to do is simply wipe the oven’s interior clean
Clever Turn&Cook function, allowing homeowners to cook more than 80 recipes at the turn of a dial
11 cooking functions for flexibility and accomplishment of a variety of family recipes
Powerful grill, with 2200W and tilting element for easy cleaning
Click&Clean removable glass door for ease of cleaning and maintenance
Finished in modern black glass and trimmed in stainless steel
Dimensions: H 595 x W 598 x D 293 mm
Available from retailers for around £269.99

The Indesit Aria built-in microwave oven with grill (MWI 3443 IX)
The Indesit Aria built-in microwave oven with grill (MWI 3443 IX) features Double Power Wave technology, which improves the microwave oven’s cooking, reheating and defrosting performance, as well as ensuring dishes are cooked thoroughly without any hot and cold spots. The integrated grill will perfectly brown the tops of all the family’s favourite dishes too.

The built-in microwave (MWI 3443 IX) comes complete with a Plate Cover to catch the splatters when cooking or reheating. It also offers the versatility to reheat two dishes at the same time without mixing flavours, and as an added bonus, it saves time on cleaning too.
Worktops and vital food preparation space is specifically limited in many kitchens today. Preparation space can easily be taken up by worktop mounted appliances, which are required on a day-to-day basis. The Indesit Aria built-in microwave (MWI 3443 IX) can release space on a busy worktop, allowing for more room in the kitchen.

Key features and benefits:
Built-in microwave oven with grill, forming part of the Indesit Aria collection of built-in cooking appliances
Useful and generous 40 litre capacity
Powerful 900W microwave with a 1600W grill
Double Power Wave Technology and turntable to ensure dishes are evenly cooked – eliminating hot and cold spots
Seven microwave power levels, with up to 900W on full power
Easy-to-use button and dial controls
Clear and convenient digital display programmer
Interior light
Finished in stainless steel and black glass
Dimensions: H 455 x W 595 x D 685 mm
Available from retailers for around £449.99

The Indesit Aria 600 mm induction hob (VID 641 B C)
The Indesit Aria 600 mm induction hob (VID 641 B C) offers versatile cooking zones for pots of different shapes and sizes. In addition, the bridge zone function allows you to combine zones for the largest of saucepans and busiest of families.

Key features and benefits:
Black glass, four zone, 600 mm induction hob forming part of the new Indesit Aria range of built-in appliances
Nine power levels
Touch control
Bridge zone combines front and rear zones to cater for the largest of pots and pans
MaxiCook zone for larger dishes
Residual heat indicators
Child safety lock
Dimensions: H 90 x W 590 x D 510 mm
Available from retailers for around £349.99

Indesit 8kg MyTime washing machine (EWD 81482 W UK)
The Indesit 8kg MyTime washing machine (EWD 81482 W UK) can free up more time for today’s busy family to spend together, by completing six of the most frequently used wash programmes in under one hour; the user simply has to choose one of the ‘Everyday Fast’ programmes.

The freestanding appliance boasts an efficient ‘A++’ energy rating, alongside Indesit’s intelligent water balanced technology, to ensure no essential resources are wasted. Water balanced technology ensures the machine uses just the right amount of water needed for each wash load. Additionally, users can also have complete control of the water temperature for further resource savings. The MyTime washing machine also comes with a delayed start and is ideal for setting to run when cheaper energy tariffs are available, maximising financial savings.

Key features and benefits:
Freestanding washing machine offering a generous 8kg capacity
Completes six of the most frequently used wash programmes in under one hour, Colours, two Cotton cycles, Synthetics, Mixed and Express
Efficient ‘A++’ energy rating to save on resource consumption
Features 16 programmes, including Baby, Gym Kit, Wool and Eco Cotton
Water balanced technology uses just the right amount of water needed, whatever the size of load, saving water, energy and money
Variable temperature and spin speed for added efficiency and less creasing and ironing
Start delay to make use of less expensive electricity tariffs, where available
LED digital display for instant feedback
1400 spin speed
Finished in white
Dimensions: H 850 x W 595 x D 605 mm
Available from retailers for around £249.99

Indesit Ecotime slimline dishwasher (DSR 15B UK)
The Indesit Ecotime slimline dishwasher (DSR 15B UK) can cater to 10 place settings, benefits from an ‘A+’ energy rating and features five programmes to choose from.

Key features and benefits:
45 cm wide freestanding dishwasher
10 place setting capacity
Efficient 10 litre water use and ‘A+’ energy rating
Five programmes available including Eco, Rapid ‘40 and Intensive
The dishwasher’s eco cycle is 25 per cent quicker than previous models, saving up to 52 minutes, and is the fastest on the market1
Four stage filtration system to stop even the tiniest particles recirculating
Modern LED display with button and dial control
Overflow water safety feature for peace of mind
Low noise level of 51 dB(A)
Full stainless steel tub for hygiene and durability
Available in black, stainless steel and white
Dimensions H850 x W450 x D600 mm
Available from retailers for around £269.99

Indesit eXtra dishwasher with dedicated BabyCare Cycle (DFP 58T96 Z UK)
The Indesit eXtra dishwasher (DFP 58T96 Z UK) features a dedicated BabyCare cycle, which is a unique programme that eliminates 99.9999 per cent of bacteria2 to ensure optimal cleaning and drying results of your baby items3. Boasting an ‘A++’ energy rating and eight programmes to choose from, the brand new Indesit eXtra dishwasher comes complete with a handy BPA-free4 BabyZoo accessory set. The BabyZoo is designed specifically to stack and secure baby items, including teats and dummies, in the dishwasher with ease.

The height adjustable top basket can be easily moved, or removed as required to maximise loading options; the brand new dishwasher is dynamic and flexible to meet the needs of the hectic family life. The dishwasher benefits from a high-grade stainless steel interior liner for superb drying performance that is hygienic, as well as hard wearing. Furthermore, the Indesit dishwasher features the eXtra cycle, which allows the user to simply remove the top basket to wash items that measure up to 53 cm in height in just one hour.

Key features and benefits:
Full-sized freestanding dishwasher
Generous 14 place setting capacity
Efficient nine litre water use and ‘A++’ energy rating
Eight programmes available including; eXtra, Eco, Rapid ‘40, Normal, Intensive, Half Load, Delicates and the dedicated BabyCare cycle
BabyCare cycle eliminates 99.9999 per cent of bacteria2 to ensure optimal cleaning and drying results of your baby items
The BPA-free BabyZoo accessory is ideal for dishwashing the baby’s teats, dummies, cups, bowls and cutlery (for total sterilisation of your baby items, Indesit recommends an additional clean using a sterile solution)
eXtra cycle allows the user to simply remove the top basket to wash items that measure up to 53 cm in height in just one hour
Height adjustable top basket to make additional space in the lower basket for larger items, such as baking trays
Half load option for added convenience
Start Delay to make the most of cheaper energy tariffs, typically available at night
Four stage filtration system for superb cleaning
Modern sleek control panel with digital display
Overflow water safety feature
Counter balanced door for ease of use and additional safety
Low noise level of 46 dB(A)
Full stainless steel tub for hygiene and durability
Finished in white
Also available as an integrated model (DIFP 8T96 Z UK)
Dimensions H 850 x W 600 x D 600 mm
Available from retailers for around £399.99

Retailer contact details:
Tel: 08000 921 922
Website: www.indesit.co.uk


Image captions:
The Indesit Aria single electric oven (KFW 3844 H IX) boasts the innovative and time-saving Turn&Cook function
The Indesit Aria microwave oven with grill (MWI 3443 IX) features Double Power Wave technology, ensuring excellent microwave distribution, improving cooking, reheating and defrosting performance
The Indesit Aria 600 mm induction hob (VID 641 B C) offers versatile cooking zones for pots of different shapes and sizes in addition to the Flex- function to combine zones for the largest of saucepans and busiest of families
The Indesit MyTime washing machine (EWD 81482 W UK) can complete six of the most frequently used wash programmes in under one hour, freeing up more time for the family
The Indesit Ecotime slimline dishwasher (DSR 15B UK) can cater to 10 place settings, benefits from an ‘A+’ energy rating and features five programmes to choose from
The brand new Indesit eXtra dishwasher with dedicated BabyCare Cycle (DFP 58T96 Z UK)

Notes for editor:
1 Source: Benchmark on the 60 cm range of the 25 top seller brands in the European market. Updated 04/03/2015.
2 Test performed by an independent institute
3 For total sterilisation of your baby items, Indesit recommends an additional clean using a sterile solution
4 BPA-free : BPA or bisphenol A, an estrogen-imitating chemical, is often used to produce reusable plastic products, such as baby bottles, toddler sippy cups and plastics you might use for storing leftover food. It is being phased out of plastic packaging due to fears it may disrupt our hormones.

Black – The new chrome

There is a new contender in the world of trending brassware finishes: Matt Black is a sophisticated and modern option that offers a striking contrast against natural tiles and lighter hues in the bathroom. This juxtaposition of materials, colours and patterns creates eye-catching design effects.

Creating an air of contemporary sophistication, the M-Line range from BAGNODESIGN features mixers, showering components and accessories all available in this on point finish. Featuring an elegant design, M-Line includes anything from a simple mono basin mixer in standard and extended heights, to a striking ceiling mounted infrared basin spout and concealed thermostatic shower mixers.

The BAGNODESIGN Options Round collection offers the perfect complement, with minimalist styling that will undoubtedly make a statement. Don’t forget Matt Black accessories too, for a finishing touch that has never been so on trend.

Pictured from left: Options Round wall-mounted tumbler, £75, and soap dish, priced £65; M-Line 4-hole deck-mounted bath mixer with pull-out hand shower, priced £525; Options Round shower head, priced £345 with Options Round hand shower kit, priced £165. (all prices are for the Matt Black finish and include VAT).

Fill your kitchen with catwalk colours

Just when you thought kitchens would stay neutral for good, colour is making a comeback with 2018 set to be bold and beautiful.

While the trend for grey lives on this year’s must have colours provide the perfect accent, giving the space a sense of character and drawing the eye to a particular feature.

Colours are hot news on the kitchen catwalk – from soft pastel-inspired Vintage Rose, to deep and meaningful Mulberry – teamed with a grey or white colour palette it is a shade that works in any setting. Blending feminine style with cutting edge design, pink and purple are the perfect hues for creating a warm, welcoming environment where everyone can feel at home.


COLORBOND® steel, Australia’s iconic colour palette, has launched an elegant new Matt finish to complement the latest exterior design trends. With natural elegance and a subtle colour palette, the new COLORBOND® steel Matt range offers a range of statement hues with versatility to adapt to virtually any design. Harnessing new paint technology to deliver a naturally inspired finish that diffuses light for an understated designer look, COLORBOND® steel Matt features five new colours: Monument® Matt, Surfmist® Matt, Shale Grey™ Matt, Dune® Matt and Basalt® Matt.

The COLORBOND® steel Matt collection was developed in consultation with leading colour consultants, Nexus Designs, in direct response to trends they have identified, including increased demand for matt finishes as seen in cookware, appliances, technology, automotive, and in the commercial and residential segments.

Sonia Simpfendorfer, Creative Director at Nexus Designs says: “Matt is the next evolution in finishes. We are seeing Matt both overseas and locally in interiors and exteriors; translating into colour finishes, textural contrasts and the preference to wanting to stand out by way of strength of form, which requires a subtle, less obvious finish.”

“COLORBOND® steel is a leader in colour. This is due to BlueScope’s ability to observe and translate emerging global colour trends for the local audience; to the point where suppliers of other products are inspired by COLORBOND® steel colours.

“We’ve seen an increased demand for finish options, not just colour choice, but also a shift towards softer surfaces with more subtle tones for an understated and timeless exterior,” said Sonia. The range is designed for the Australian context – and the Australian climate – and is compatible with other current popular building materials sharing the same preference for neutral schemes.

The contemporary finish offers a sophisticated twist, which alongside our existing COLORBOND® steel range provides even greater design opportunities.

This is a Limited Edition, Museum Quality, Fine Art, Giclee Print, Reproduced from My Original Painting. It is available on Ready-to-Hang Canvas in a variety of sizes and prices to fit your décor and budget needs.

The print is made using a high quality, 12-color photo ink configuration which provides a very large color gamut, seamless gradations, bright and rich colors and produced on state-of-the-art Canon 12-ink digital presses. Combined with the beautiful texture of the canvas which it has been printed on, gives a result which is virtually impossible to tell that this is a reproduction and not an original painting. Scratch resistant matte or low luster UV film protects the image from fading, atmospheric pollutants, dirt, dust and scuff marks. Designed to protect your prints up to 200 years!

FREE SERVICE: I know how daunting it can be to visualize a painting in your space. Just send me a photo of the spot where you were thinking of putting my painting. Choose one or two of my paintings and I will place that painting(s) in your photo! No guesswork needed.

FREE RETURNS: Not 100% satisfied with your order? Let me know & you’ll receive a full refund of the painting.

BUY NOW: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/562784441

Mintchi® is a brand of handmade softies locally made in Sydney by designer Joana Mintcheva.

It all started with a passion to eliminate pollution so the brand started with using end roll materials, stuffing made out of recycled plastic bottles and the first Mintchi® owl character was born.

Since the first range of owls more characters were developed due to demand, throw in some handmade quirky cushions in the mix and Mintchi® has grown into the lifestyle brand it is today!

The journey however does not stop here, as after a near decade in the fashion industry Joana’s vision to make a difference with her first love of fashion design and eliminate pollution in the production of this was a must.

In every product of the range whether this was handmade in Sydney or outsourced locally or overseas the upmost thought is put into using stock materials, not manufacturing and taking measures, which are responsible on our environment and the hands, which created it.

We only use recycled, end roll and stock materials sourced locally from Sydney. When we are travelling overseas we select materials local to the region and purchase stock materials, not manufacturing any new material for our designs.

We keep wastage to a bare minimum as even the scraps of our materials end up being used in the beaks or eyes of our softies.
Our ‘Wonder’ story features an exclusive and colourful embroidery which is available for a limited time only!
This cushion features our cute lamas and flowers on the front and is plain black with hidden zipper and woven branding label on the back.
This cushion cover comes with a free insert filled with Innergreen PET fibre stuffing which is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, saving over 70 bottles from landfill per a kilo of stuffing.

Fabulous Bye Bye Flabby Arms, hello strong shoulders Exercises……….

As we women age we tend to have a few spots that show signs of age.
Hips, Bottoms and Arms.
Although we may not be able to get rid of that flab completely we can work at toning arms and shoulders with these 9 exercises…….Put your favourite dance track on and add some squats with your biceps and triceps for a cardio burst, inhale and exhale switch on core and you will be feeling and soon seeing the benefits before your know it.
So here we go.
Beginner: Arm Circle
What You’ll Need: A pair of 1kg Handweights
Targets: Shoulders, back, triceps, biceps

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended straight out to sides at shoulder height.
Keeping shoulders down, do 20 small backward circles.
Switch directions; do 20 forward circles.
Beginner: Shoulder Press
Targets: Shoulders, triceps
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand.
Bend elbows, bringing hands to shoulders, palms facing forward.
Press weights straight overhead, keeping shoulders down; lower weights back to shoulders.
Do 20 reps.
Beginner: Triceps Extension
Targets Triceps
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms straight down at sides, palms facing back.
Lift arms straight back about 2 feet behind you; return to sides.
Do 20 reps.
Intermediate: Half-Moon Rotation
Targets: Shoulders, biceps, triceps
Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms straight out to sides at shoulder height, fingers together and palms down.
Rotate thumbs back until palms face up.
Rotate thumbs forward.
Do 30 reps, keeping arms lifted.
Intermediate: High V
Targets: Shoulders, triceps
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms extended overhead in a V, palms facing out to sides.
Slowly bend elbows to hips, palms facing body.
Press back up into V.
Do 20 reps.
Intermediate: Side Tri Lift
Targets: Triceps
Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand, right elbow bent, palm facing shoulder.
Straighten arm out to side at shoulder height, and rotate so palm faces back.
Lift up 4 cms.
Return to start.
Do 20 reps; switch arms and repeat.
Advanced: Back Touch
Targets: Back, shoulders, biceps
Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms extended out to sides, a dumbbell in each hand.
Bring arms about 30cms behind you (diagonal to shoulders).
Bend left elbow and touch back with dumbbell; return.
Do 30 reps, alternating sides.
Advanced: Overhead Bend
Targets: Shoulders, triceps, core
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand.
Bend right elbow to hip and hinge over to left from waist.
Extend right arm overhead and to left, keeping shoulder down.
Lower elbow to hip.
Do 25 reps; switch sides and repeat.
Advanced: Straight-Arm Shrug
Targets: Shoulders, biceps, triceps
Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms extended straight out to sides at shoulder height, holding a dumbbell in each hand.
Keep arms straight as you lift and lower right shoulder to ear.
Switch sides; repeat.
Do 30 reps, alternating sides, keeping arms lifted entire time.

Simonds Homes launches new inspirational Design Gallery in Adelaide

Helping home buyers fulfil their dream of designing and building a personalised home, award-winning builder Simonds Homes has recently opened their new and contemporary Design Gallery in Adelaide.

Located in the heart of the city, the Simonds Homes Design G allery Adelaide gives clients a comprehensive selection of the latest premium interior and exterior finishes, products and colour palettes, as well as detailed room displays making it a space of inspiration and unparalleled choice.

“The new gallery is a selection centre for clients who are currently or thinking about building and those who are about to go through the Gallery journey,” says Matthew Chun CEO of Simonds Homes.

The latest addition to the nationwide suite of Simonds Homes Design Galleries is a ‘one-stop-shop of inspiration’ adds Chun. “With every new gallery, the aim is to showcase the latest and greatest products and service offerings. Every decision is done in the showroom, from carpet and tiles to insulation and window coverings – there is no need to be sent all around town, flick through countless brochures or search for things yourself – we have everything you need to personalise your home, under on e roof.”

The Adelaide gallery features three full size display bathrooms and four complete kitchens. There is also a dedicated lighting room which showcases a large selection of lighting options including downlights, pendants, light switches, fans and more.

Continuing with the theme of offering customers more choice, there’s a Beaumont tile area with over 400 options on display, while the Haymes paints range features countless colour choices. For kitchen and bathroom finishes there’s a large Laminex selection of colours and designs, as well as extensive Caesarstone products. Other selections include doors, flooring, basins, tapware, window furnishings and appliances.

Not just limited to interior finishes, the Adelaide Simonds Homes Design Gallery also includes an abundance of exterior choices such as bricks, roofing, windows, garage doors, colorbond and external paint colours.

“The flow of the gallery star ts with external offerings then goes into internal,” says Chun. “From the front of a new house to the back – all selections are done in the gallery giving our client complete freedom to customise their home as they want it. Our goal is to always be transparent– what you see in the Gallery, is exactly what you will get in your new home.”

For those clients who are having trouble choosing from the extensive selection, Simonds Homes experienced interior designers and gallery consultants will guide you through offering suggestions and advice. Additionally, custom-ordered products are not out of reach. “With such a large offering on display, all needs are catered for,” says Chun. “However, if there is a particular product that a client is after and is not on display, our supplier list is quite extensive and we will do our best to accommodate requests.”

Sure to be popular with both new homeowners and those lookin g to re- build, the Simonds Homes Design Gallery Adelaide makes it easy for South Australians to create their dream home and unlock their personal style.

For further information visit www.simondsgallery.com.au

COLORBOND® steel has launched an elegant new Matt finish to complement the latest exterior design trends. With natural elegance and a subtle colour palette, the new range offers a range of statement hues with versatility to adapt to virtually any design.


Swiss sensation Lara Pictet has taken the UK & USA by storm and will be starring in numerous feature films over the coming year. Each film represents a different meaning that has effected Lara in some way, direct or in-direct, which showcases her extremely talented acting, producing and writing skills.

Fluent in English, French and Spanish, Lara’s previous award-winning films have led to these remarkable roles, allowing her to shine and fulfil her life-long dream at being an actress. After a hugely successful run, Lara’s next challenge is working on an independent feature film The Inheritance, where she plays the leading girl, “Leslie”. The film focuses on how our society takes things for granted in life, instead of just enjoying them. This independent feature portrays the real effects of money and the misconception people have with it.

The 23-year-old Geneva born beauty also landed a role in a new web series called Monarchs, which is a DC Comic inspired show based around the villains of Gotham City and their rise to power. Lara plays Dr Harlene Quinzel (Harley Quinn). DC comics are releasing their very own online streaming channel and the show’s producers are planning on pitching Monarchs to them. Teasers will be released this year.

Lara doesn’t stop here and will be starring in an exclusive sci-fi western film called Western Wonderland, directed by Reza Safai, which is due to be released next year. The way it was shot is one of a kind in its innovation and never been done before, using out of the box technology and creativity.

Lara quotes: “I’m also in the process of developing 1 feature film I wrote about homosexuality in our society and how “justice” can be so corrupted when it comes to rape. It is based on true facts but portrayed in a fictional manner, that can be relatable to an audience. Think of a raw-er version of “Thelma And Louise”.

“And the second project I am currently developing is a Short Film about Hollywood and the lengths people go, to get “famous” and their misconception of “Fame” and “Money”. My father always told me, you want things to happen, make them happen yourself and in my career, I am hoping to work
on projects that have a meaningful message to our society and generation, that can help or inspire people.”

Lara’s first on-screen appearance, aged 12, was in the critically acclaimed independent Swiss film, Orloj. As a result of Orloj being a huge success at over 13 international film festivals, Lara headed to the UK to study at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and spent time working on the London theatre circuit. Lara went on to study at the renowned “American Academy of Dramatic Arts” in Hollywood where Alumni’s “Grace Kelly; Danny Devito; Paul Rudd; Adrien Brody; Kim Cattrall; Jessica Chastain; Anne Hathaway; Adam Scott; Sarah Paulson” have equally attended.

Lara is currently developing her acting skills with Ivana Chubbuck, who is one of the biggest acting coaches in Hollywood and has worked with Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Adrien Brody, Danny Devito and Charlize Theron. Lara is currently training there with Chris Holder, whilst she works her way up to master class.

Lara landed her second role in a short film in 2011 called Flirting and Dating for Dummies by US director and producer, Lance Oppenheim and then a third leading role in thriller Hot Seat (2016) by director Anna Mimi Jayson, about child pornography and Revenge Porn. Hot Seat won a smart screen award from the COO of the BBC: Anna Mallett and was selected and nominated at various film festivals. Lara also appeared in Nick Hart’s award-winning feature film California Dreamers, which won numerous awards at various film festivals.

Off screen, Pictet has showcased her acting versatility through roles from Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Gruschenka in Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov and Eve in Mary Orr’s The Wisdom of Eve play. She has excited audiences as Irina in Chekhov’s Antigone and dazzled on stage as Queen Dionyza in the theatre production of Pericles.
In addition to her successful acting career, Lara is the Vice President of a non-profit organisation called ‘Angles Powers’, where they offer victims of incest the best recovery solutions, by providing emergency and temporary shelter to the victim, their family and their pets.