Fitcover: The Face of Fitness.

Fitcover: The Face of Fitness.

Industry disruptor Fitcover has blended science, technology and mother nature to create the world’s first sweat-proof makeup that doubles as skin-care.

From women with active lifestyles, busy on-the-go mums, to women in hot climates, high pressured and stressful environments, to professional athletes and women with problematic skin who need delicate but breathable full coverage that lasts, Fitcover is must-have in the beauty arsenal of all women.

Fitcover has called upon the best pharmacists and utilised group ambassador testing to create high-quality, naturally derived and cruelty free products that offer a unique formula for makeup under perspiring situations.

With over 100,000 happy customers and an 82% client retention rate for the last 18 months, this multi-million dollar Australian brand has fiercely become a staple Down Under, United States and beyond!

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