Get into the Halloween spirit with DYLON Dyes >>

Get into the Halloween spirit with DYLON Dyes


Are you spending a fortune year in, year out buying expensive Halloween costumes for you and your family?

Whether it’s a creepy character or a cartoon back from the dead, DYLON Dyes can help you to get your desired spooky look!

With the new DYLON Machine Dyes (RRP £7.25), you can transform old, and ready to throw out clothes into ‘spooktacular’ costumes.

These new pods can simply be put into a damp load of washing, put on a 40 degree wash and will result in evenly dyed fabric with hardly any effort involved.

DYLON comes in a wide range of colours, including Intense Black, Smoke Grey and Tulip Red, all ideal for getting ghoulish this Halloween.

Alternativley, if you do not have access to a washing machine, or if you want to create cool dyeing effects, such as tie dye and ombre, then DYLON’s Hand Dyes (RRP £3.39) are for you.

Avaliable in the same colours as the machine pods, these dyes can also be mixed to create an even wider range of colours.

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