Get Ready for Passionate Kissing with SPLAT This Valentine’s Day!

Get Ready for Passionate Kissing with SPLAT This Valentine’s Day

You have said it with a card, you have said with chocolate and you have said it with flowers. Now say it with SPLAT’s Love, Chili or Dream toothpaste.


SPLAT’s LOVE sparkling red raspberry toothpaste has been specially created with passionate kissing in mind! A unique blend of Japanese perilla seeds (a plant traditionally used in Japanese cuisine, which helps to prevent tooth decay), dipotassium glycyrrhizate (a natural sweetener, which protects and soothes the gums) and liquorice tree extract (a strong antiseptic agent). SPLAT’s LOVE gel toothpaste effectively protects oral cavity from the herpes simplex virus. Making it the perfect kissing toothpaste! RRP £6.95

For the spice of your life SPLAT’s CHILI toothpaste is must. This innovative chili toothpaste contains spicy chili pepper extract which maintains gums by improving blood circulation and penetration of nutrients into the gums, thus improving gum elasticity and density. Capsaicin, a pungent substance found in chili pepper exerts powerful immunostimulants which prevents the development of oral cavities. Far from ordinary SPLAT’s CHILI toothpaste also contains parsley, long know to combat the smell of garlic on the breath, thus prevents bad breath and again preparing your mouth for romance. Be warned this toothpaste will leave a slight burning after flavour! RRP £5.95

Keep your dream boat happy with SPLAT DREAM. This sparkling toothpaste with wild strawberry extract has been specially designed to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent dental plaque formation. SPLAT’s DREAM Toothpaste contains betaphroline, a natural ingredient of happiness, which helps maintain a good mood! And here is the science behind this – The mucus membrane of the lower surface of the tongue is much thinner than that of the upper, this is because here there are many thin blood vessels and capillaries. They ensure rapid absorption of SPLAT’s DREAM toothpaste allowing for the active betaphroline component to penetrate rapidly in the bloodstream, stimulating production of endorphins and improving ones emotional state. This dreamy toothpaste has a delicious strawberry aroma. RRP £6.95




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