Give your body a little help this festive season Drinking green tea can help the “detoxification ” process.

Give your body a little help this festive season Drinking […]

Give your body a little help this festive season Drinking green tea can help the “detoxification ” process



With the holiday season a time to eat, drink and be merry it’s no surprise that these festivities can take a toll on our bodies. In order to give us a helping hand this Christmas, Clipper Teas spoke to Nutritional Therapist Libby Limon to hear how the new Clipper Organic and Fairtrade Green Tea range can help us detox from the inside out. “The concept of “detoxing” is often misunderstood. To be optimally healthy, we cannot overload our bodies one week and be virtuous the next. Our bodies are detoxing all the time, and in real time. If we ingest something that needs to be detoxed our body will not wait until the next week, it will do it immediately and as efficiently as possible to minimise any damage to our cells. Adding food and drink to our daily diet that supports the detoxification system can protect us against overindulgence, keep us feeling vibrant and keep our skin clear and glowing. The liver is the main organ of detoxification. It works in 2 phases; Phase I processes the initial toxins in preparation for phase II where they are neutralised and eliminated. Often the intermediary product between phase I and phase II is more damaging to our bodies than the original toxin. For example, when alcohol is broken down in the liver it creates Acetaldehyde, and it is this chemical that is behind many of the symptoms of a hangover and the health risks associated with drinking too much. For this reason, it is important to balance your phase I and II, particularly enhancing the body’s ability to cope in phase II. Green tea is one of my favourite hacks for boosting overall detoxification and giving the liver some daily support.

The Clipper Organic and Fairtrade Green Tea has high levels of catechins: polyphenols, or plant chemicals, that work in your liver in three ways: • They up-regulate your phase II liver detoxification pathways meaning that they are more efficient in neutralising and eliminating toxins and help prevent damaging intermediary products from phase I being recirculated in the body.

• They protect the liver cells themselves keeping them healthy.

• They encourage the body to make glutathione, our internally made liver antioxidant. Stores of glutathione are particularly important for alcohol detoxification.

Drinking 2-3 cups of Clipper Organic and Fairtrade Green Tea every day is a good way to support your detoxification system and allows the body to be better prepared from a little overindulgence this festive season”. Clipper recommends the Organic Detox Green Tea with Elderflower, Nettle Fennel & Citrus flavours. The new Clipper Organic and Fairtrade Green Tea range is comprised of 14 flavours and is available from £1.99 from