Great gift Ideas from PetSafe for both dogs and cats!

Great gift Ideas from PetSafe for both dogs and cats!


Drinkwell® 7.5 Litre Pet Fountain, 70.99 – great for large pets or multi-pet households!

Drinkwell® Pagoda Pet Fountain, £75.99 – continuously circulates and filters your pet’s water, encouraging them to drink more – a really attractive design for the home too!

Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder. £50.99 – most suited to cats and small dogs, this stylish feeder allows for easy programming of meal times and means no late or missed meals again when your life keeps you busy or away

For dogs and puppies:
Automatic Ball Launcher, £129,99 – the ultimate game of fetch for dogs! The water-resistant launcher is great for both indoor and outdoor interactive play. With 9 distance settings and 6 angle settings the launcher shoots standard sized tennis balls between 2.5 to 9 metres and up to a 45 degree angle.

Ribinator Treat-holding Toy, from £6.99 – this has a compression feature similar to flesh on bone, which satisfies dogs’ chewing instincts. The toy is designed to be used with treats you currently have in your home or kitchen such as treat sticks, dry treats or event peanut butter and soft cheese. Dogs will enjoy playing with this innovative toy even without treats but adding them makes it even more enjoyable.

Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys, £29.99 (from November) – these two electronically paired toys offer an irresistible squeak which alternates between toys. The sounds bounce between each toy, which stimulates your dog’s hunting instinct. The game continues as long as your dog plays with the toys.

Ribinator Treat-Holding Dog Toy, from £6.99 – a durable, treat compatible dog chew toy, great for even the most energetic chewers. Bully sticks, treat sticks, smearable treats, and even treats or food from your own larder can be used. with the Ribinator.

Forever Bone Treat Ring Dog Toy, from £5.99 – available in three sizes, this durable bone-shaped toy is a fun way for even the toughest chewers to entertain themselves!

Jewel Pop Treat Holding Dog Toy, from £3.99 – shaped like a sparkling jewel ring, this fun toy holds an irresistible PetSafe® Brand rawhide treat ring that can be replaced again and again.

Busy Buddy Grip n’ Tug, £12.99 – this fun toy has a unique handle that is designed to help protect your hand when playing while also making it easier to hold. The braided fleece and rope tug is soft to the touch but holds up to pulling and yanking when playing tug-of-war and other exciting games.

Squeak ‘n Treat Ninja Star, from £4.99 – this fun durable toy has a unique shape and features rubber Treat Meter™ treat dispensers that offers customisable rates of treat release.

For cats:
Deluxe Crystal Litterbox System, £57.99 – an innovative litter box that is designed to work specifically with crystal litter, easy to use and designed with freshness in mind!

FroliCat® ZIP Automatic Laser Light, £21.99 – a laser toy that moves around on the ground, spinning and whirling in all directions to keep your cat moving. The ZIP will work its way out of corners and find its way out from underneath furniture. The toy automatically shuts-off after 10 minutes which conserves battery life

FroliCat® Fox Den Toy Automatic Cat Teaser, £25.99 – the toy excites cats by teasing them with a realistic fox tail. The sly fox hides in his den, waiting to shake his fuzzy tail at the unexpecting cats

FroliCat Cheese Automatic Cat Teaser, £22.99 – this fun cheese toy is an exciting game of peek-a-boo with two mice that pop out of each side of the Swiss cheese block.

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