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Harumika – Single Torso The award-winning fashion toy Harumika gets […]

Harumika – Single Torso

The award-winning fashion toy Harumika gets a fresh new-look. The fashion design Arts & Crafts kits include mannequin torsos, fabric, and accessories to inspire creativity and appeal to budding fashionistas. Starter Sets are an affordable option for adding to any fashion collection and include four styles inspired by French fashion-house, NelliRod. Safe and easy to use –no use of sewing, scissors or glue! All materials and accessories are re-usable so the possibilities are endless!
Smyths 6+

Harumika – Double Torso

Be the king/queen of the catwalk! No gluing, no sewing, no scissors. This set includes two mannequin toros for maximum design freedom. Choose between 4 styles, Frozen Fruits, Cosmic Kawaii, Yummy All Over and Asian Dream. £19.99
Smyths 6+

Harumika – Bridal Gown

Design your own wedding and bridesmaid dresses!•Includes a selection of satin and lace fabrics to create different designs for your very special day.•No gluing, no sewing, no scissors!•Includes 2 dress forms for you and your friend!•Arrange the fabric using the mannequin torso. Tuck the loose ends of fabrics into the torso slits using the stick and pins so that it stays in place.
Smyths 6+