HJ Hall’s new Comfort Top socks & ProTrek collection! Perfect for spring trips!

HJ Hall’s new Comfort Top socks, £5, www.hj.co.uk

HJ Hall’s Comfort Tops revolutionise everyday dressing, preventing tightness or marking around the calf with its relaxed mesh knit fabrication. HJ Hall proves that prioritising comfort need not compromise on style, with an array of patterns and colours available.

Newly accredited by the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (IOCP), HJ Hall’s Comfort Tops use a soft grip top, keeping them firmly in place without leaving marks which often cause discomfort. HJ Hall is the only UK sock brand to receive endorsement by the IOCP, first earned in 2011 for its famous Softop range, highlighting the brand’s innovation in design for maintaining foot health. Four new styles have been introduced for men, in patterned and plain options, in time for shorts weather in spring and summer.

See the full story @ :- https://www.intouchrugby.com/magazine/hj-halls-new-comfort-top-socks-protrek-collection-perfect-for-spring-trips/

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