Home & Away: Celebrate the Six Nations with help from Google

Home & Away: Celebrate the Six Nations with help from […]

Home & Away: Celebrate the Six Nations with help from Google

With this year’s Six Nations in full swing, fans will be scrambling to catch the home nations play at Rugby’s Greatest Championship.

At Google, we know that this is one of the nation’s favourite sports events: Ahead of the tournament last year, searches for Six Nations on Google rose by 86% in February*, and with England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy taking part in 15 matches through February to March, rugby fever is set to grip the nation once again.

So if you’re working on a feature around how fans can make the most of an away-game trip or how those watching from home can keep on top of the event, you may be interested in including Google Pixel 4 and Nest Hub Max.

Tips for fans heading abroad to support….

Wandering foreign streets amongst a crush of fans can be stressful for those lucky enough to be heading out for the Six Nations. Whether you’re wearing red, blue, green or white, Google Pixel 4 is on hand to give you that bit of extra help.

AR Maps makes full use of your camera to help you explore in between matches. Simply enter your destination into Google Maps, select walking directions, hit “Start AR” and follow the floating arrows that pop-up on the screen. Full instructions here.

What’s more, Google Lens can help you translate street signs and bar menus to put errors in translation straight in the sin bin! Select Lens Google Lens in your camera app (to be found in camera settings under more) hover your phone over the text and it will be instantly translated. You can even use it on a menu to look up dishes and see what’s popular with reviews from Google Maps.

And sporting the colours of England, ‘Clearly White’ Pixel 4’s legendary camera means you can take crystal clear photos of your favourite stars in low light during night time matches as well in full motion. You can also snap stunning panoramic shots of the new city you’ve discovered.

Tips for fans supporting from home…

With Google Nest Hub Max those keeping on top of the action from home don’t need to feel left out.

Stay plugged in from your living room with YouTube by saying “Hey Google, show me highlights of the England vs. Italy match”. Or, if your significant other is a Rugby novice, teach them the basics of the game by saying “Hey Google, teach me the rules of Rugby” or “Hey Google, what’s a scrum?”. As inspiration a list of the most viewed YouTube Six Nations videos from last year can be found below.

You can also stream games live on the radio, set yourself reminders to watch matches, and even translate foreign player interviews. To understand Italian commentary, say “Ok Google, help me speak Italian” then repeat the sentence and watch the english pop up live on your Nest Hub Max display.

Finally, why not host a Six Nations party and play room filling music on Spotify or YouTube straight from the device.

Google Hardware Team

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Price: From £669.00

Availability: Pixel 4 & 4 XL are available online and in store from Google store

Colours: Just Black, Clearly White, Oh So Orange (limited edition)

Google Nest Hub Max

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Colours: Chalk and Charcoal

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