How to for Bloggers & Brands! Blogger Outreach!

How to for Bloggers & Brands! Blogger Outreach!

A fascinating development in recent years as brands make more and more use of the new main stream media online, bloggers who have built worldwide social media followings and views to their independent websites that are reaching now more than all the main stream media combined, although it is also no longer a fully representative comparison as the Legacy “Main” stream media is no longer actually the main stream!

Quality blogs reaching great people and producing consistent great content and a service have regular followers of intelligent individuals with very high disposable incomes who are employed and online is the source of everything they need, they are buying products online, houses, cars, food, home products, travel, everything really!

Brands have quickly bought into this leaner, more efficient and more intellectually diverse culture which reaches people who are super intelligent and super engaged with content that fits their particular interest, whether that be lifestyle, nutrition, philosophy, commerce, leisure, travel, etc…. consumer lifestyle, goods, services, so for Brands looking to conduct blogger outreach services by far the best way to do that is to conduct a survey of companies again online who curate lists of bloggers in defined categories who specifically invite and encourage brands to contact them as a kind of alert service to connect brands with bloggers and vice versa, bloggers with brands, both sides of the coin are innovative so a blogger may have an idea for their readers for a story, or new sector and can alert brands who can contribute content, and also brands who are undertaking an initiative with a brand can go direct or via a public relations expert / company and send an alert to bloggers to get involved!

Its so efficient! With 100s of blogs starting everyday, with established bloggers and new bloggers engaging directly with consumers everyday and reaching them at all times of the day and connected globally, so reaching consumers / buyers in USA, Europe, India, Middle East, Australia, Asia the international capacity to create awareness, establish and put valuable products and services in front of consumers who can buy immediately via online either at the brands website or an online mall such as Amazon or Ebay and have the item delivered is the way that the main stream online is living in this super efficient environment, people respond to images and now through this process of blogger outreach brands can commission incredible albums of images to be shared on blogs and associated social media to millions of relevant people on the same day and for a fraction of the type of process of the legacy media, making it a success means applying the tried and tested sales cycle of your brand and extending that online through clear titles and images which get across the message, then opportunities which are really just for online will begin to emerge! Of course bringing a professional approach to communication is key!

So! Give it a go! There are many sites out there connecting 100,000s of bloggers and brands everyday!

Very best wishes!

Rugby Rep Curator!

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