Iced Olive Leaf Tea with Lemon and Mint – by Freshfield Grove >>

Iced Olive Leaf Tea with Lemon and Mint – by Freshfield Grove >>


A sophisticated and refreshing alcohol-free and sugar-free drink, perfect for enjoying on warm days.

• 4 level teaspoons of olive leaf tea
• Handful of mint leaves (about 8 large leaves)
• Zest peeled from half a lemon.
• Ice, more mint, and lemon slices to serve.

1. Put the olive leaf tea and the mint leaves into a large cafetiere (approximately 1 litre capacity).
2. Boil the kettle.
3. Wait for a minute to allow the water to cool a little, then fill the cafetiere and stir before putting the lid on.
4. Allow to infuse for four minutes, then plunge and pour the tea into a bowl or jug suitable to go in the fridge.
5. Add the lemon zest to the hot tea in the bowl.
6. Cover, allow to cool for a while, then place in the fridge until chilled.
7. Serve over ice with fresh slices of lemon and some more gently crushed mint leaves.
8. Relax, and enjoy.

About Freshfield Grove

“We’re an Australian (him) and British (me) husband and wife who’ve bought an olive grove as part of a long term plan to change our lifestyle from city based office jobs to rural Tasmanian self-sufficiency. We’re new to farming, so this is a BIG adventure!

We grow Picual and Manzanillo olives in our grove, in the cool climate of the Coal River Valley in Tasmania. The olives are picked and pressed on site to produce a devilishly delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We also make a soothing Olive Leaf Tea.”

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