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Mitcham & Carshalton Rugby Club launch Community Foundation The new […]

Mitcham & Carshalton Rugby Club launch Community Foundation

The new charity based arm of the club begun this week promoting inclusive rugby for those with disabilities at The Weir Archer Academy

23rd August, London, UK: Mitcham & Carshalton Rugby Club has announced the launch of their new charity arm of the club, the M&C Community Foundation. The foundation will be aimed at working with local charities and causes, committing time and effort into various outreach programmes to give back to local communities. The club was thrilled to launch the initiative and this week have begun with a partnership with the Weir Archer Academy across their wheelchair rugby sessions.

The Weir Archer Academy provides athletic and coaching support and expertise across all levels and abilities including working with schools in South London, Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire; working with clubs and coaches from the South East and providing access to the Academy for international development for under-resourced countries.

Over four days, starting on the 19th August, M&C volunteers have been hosting an introduction to wheelchair rugby for disabled children that are members of the Academy.

M&C’s Community Foundation President, Emily Harrison said; “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to represent the club as the Community Foundation President and I’m proud to be able to start the season in such a positive way. Our first collaboration project with the Weir Archer Academy shows our ambition and how we are committed to supporting amazing local projects.

The volunteers have all been brilliant and the first week was a major success. The kids had an incredible time, which is what it’s all about and I’m confident this will be the start of something special with the Weir Archer Academy. It’s a fantastic opportunity not only to showcase the values and ethos of our club, but more importantly to inspire and build confidence in those that take part. Disability should not define opportunity or success.”

If you’re interested in getting involved at Mitcham & Carshalton Rugby Club, you can get in touch via their website or via social media.