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Inspirational Children’s Book Taps the Power of Music and Interactivity to Engage, Enthrall and Influence Children to Do Good… (ON AMAZON)

Gold Medal Award-Winning ‘A Little Spark’ children’s book redefining children’s literature with a fun, multi-faceted reading time experience replete with meaningful storytelling, audio, music, activities and lessons designed to spark kindness, friendship and giving; New scholastic ‘Be That Spark’ elementary education pilot program quickly captivating the hearts and minds of students and teachers, alike

Whether gifting for the holidays, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or “just because,” children’s literature is a timeless gift that can impact the recipient, families and society at-large in meaningful ways. This truth is exemplified with “A Little Spark ” children’s book authored by Chris Parsons—a truly unique title that was recently awarded the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award Gold Medal for best in family-friendly media. Fittingly so, as this distinctive interactive, read-along chapter book is centered around the noble theme of finding, and doing, good in the world.

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