Introducing Little Sport Star Sporty toys for a fit and healthy baby

Introducing Little Sport Star Sporty toys for a fit and […]

Introducing Little Sport Star
Sporty toys for a fit and healthy baby


Little Sport Star is a trusted and award-winning baby toy brand inspired to bring families together through their love of sport. With a range of toys, blankets and play mats inspired by football, tennis, basketball and golf, the Little Sport Star products provide both physical and mental stimulation to babies from a young age, and focuses on the aspirations of the parents to raise a fit and healthy baby, as well as passing on their love of sports.

The first year of a baby’s life is vital for learning, development and growth. Founder of Little Sport Star, Nick Farnsworth, identified millennial parents were finding it challenging to steer their children away from screens and introduce them to physical, outdoor activities at an early age. Nick championed this with the launch of Little Sport Star in 2012 where he began developing a range of sports-inspired toys to help babies hit their early development milestones.

Little Sport Star not only offer fun and engaging toys, but also provide babies with skills such as confidence and resilience which they will hold on to later in life. One of the most stimulating activities for children is sport; through sport you develop coordination, balance and core strength, something reflected across the Little Sport Star range.

Founder of Little Sport Star, Nick Farnsworth, comments: “Sports is an international language and a way of bringing people together, from day one and onwards. And although we can’t predict a little one’s future tastes, it is a decent bet that sports will play a small role at some point in their life. I personally felt that baby toys were too pink, fluffy and one-dimensional.”

Ideal gifts for birthdays, baby showers and sports fans, and the Little Sport Star range includes:

Baby Tennis Racket (RRP £15.00)

The baby tennis racket is perfect for cuddling with as well as stimulating the baby’s senses with a rattle and squeaker incorporated in the design.

When babies start to develop a little more strength, they can start to swing it and become familiar with the motion of a tennis racket.

Baby Golf Club (RRP £15.00)

The first soft golf club for babies, the toy was inspired to help babies develop their hand-eye coordination, enjoy the swinging action of a golf club and associate with bright vibrant colours.

With the additional features of a golf ball attached to the club, a squeaker in the handle and a rattle in the ball, these enhance the overall experience where babies associate noise and colours with the movement of a golf club.

Baby Football Activity Gym and Play Mat (RRP £54.99)

The world’s first football activity gym, the award-winning Baby Football Activity Gym and Play Mat has been designed to develop the baby’s tummy muscles and overall movement.

Featuring a hanging football, two cuddly players, mirrors and cushioned sides to form a football pitch, babies can kick, crawl and touch the sensors around the gym, strengthening their upper body and encouraging them to sit up and explore their surroundings.

Baby Football Comfort Blanket (RRP £11.99)

Ideal as a gift to families who are passionate about football, the Baby Football Security Blanket is the perfect comforter for babies with its soft texture and cute character incorporated in the design. It is also a bestselling product in the US. Complimenting the security blanket is Freddy the Teddy (RRP £14.99) ideal for children under one years. Designed to include teethers to stimulate babies, the toy also makes a cheer when pressed, associating sounds with sports.

A father of two young children himself, Nick says: “We make it really simple for parents to give their baby the best start in life. Our toys need no explanation; when babies receive our toys, they will probably start cuddling the toy but as they grow older, they will start to interact with them by kicking the ball or swinging the racket. Parents love the idea of seeing their newborn already sharing their love of sport and have already planted the idea that sports is fun.”