Is there proof that Rugby is still watchable | Data | Infographic… Lets Find Out ! Source: Betway Insider

Is there proof that Rugby is still watchable | Data […]

Is there proof that Rugby is still watchable | Data | Infographic

Some people do claim that over the years the game has changed to become very rigid and lacking flair!

Many people have heard the argument at this stage…

The game has become boring. The hits have become too physical. There is not enough skill and flair… there is not enough passing…

The teams, the players and management and coaches are going for kicks at goals and playing defensive rugby and looking to wind down the clock…

Its the daming report that paints a game in decline… a switched of and bored spectator base… dwindling viewing figures… and less people watching… fans drifting away to toher sports and losing interest in the game…

But is this really the case. A prominent blog in the sports industry,  Porfessionals in their own right have recently done a deep dive into the stats. They have of course called upon their own experience of watching the games in the Six Nations since 2010 to find out. Is the Six Nations becoming boring?

Its something that we benfit from facing up to ! No one wants boring tournaments. Fans and sponsors and everyone prefers a hot bed of excitment and open running game with thrills and skills and well worked well executed scores. Solid defences and thrilling battles of atrition between well matched sides!

Well if score line is anything to go by then just take a look at the increases in tries scored and kicks at goal converted! Its rising massively! Surely higher scores mean more exciting games… right!?

What about passes! It turns out that is rising too! does this not point to massively improved pre score plays… right!?

The team at the source of this have the following to say its from our Source for this segment: Betway Insider

They have done a super job and the stats and info speak for themselves!

So whilst anyone can simply assert “its getting boring” anyone can now confidently say… “not so”… “the facts do not bear out your argument”. The fact is the opposite, the game is actually on average becoming more exciting!

Please enjoy the games repsonsibly! Dispose of all rubbish in the appropriate recycling bins after the games and by all means support your team with vigour and passion and even take to the social media airways to say how excuiting you find the game… or not as sometimes these things are simply a matter of opinion!

Either way the graphs make for interesting viewing and we do hope you get to see some thrilling games in the coming weeks!

Our personal view has been that the fitness levels and agility of the players has steadily been increasing… which we have found pretty startling given the demands on their time from the different tournaments. The outstanding games consitently bring a level of enjoyment to the spectator which satisfies both the desitres of the casual viewer and the refined knowledge of the life long rugby player and supporter and analyst!

Very, very best wishes, The Editor – At – Large of InTouch Rugby & Rugby Rep Publications!