Men who want a more powerful jawline can turn to a new invention from a former MMA fighter called Jawzrsize.

Men who want a more powerful jawline can turn to a new invention from a former MMA fighter called Jawzrsize. >>


Created by Brandon Harris of Maui, Hawaii, Jawzrsize is meant to be put in the mouth and chewed on repetitively, using 30-60 pounds of resistance. It trains one of the most powerful yet forgotten muscles of your jaw, the masseter muscle, but it also works on the majority of the other 57 facial muscles.

MMA fighting always took a toll on Harris’ face and jaw, but he was inspired to create Jawzrsize after two serious accidents, one that left him with his jaw wired shut for months.

Because this workout gadget is hands-free, it’s great for use while running, lifting, working out or just watching TV.

Jawzrsize is earning great reviews from men (and women) who are seeing results in just a matter of weeks.

Jawzsrsize guarantees that if users don’t see results in 60 days, cut the gadget in half and return it for a refund.

Jawzrsize was created to form the ultimate jawline while firming and toning your facial features!

Made out of silicone and polyurethane, Jawzrsize is meant to be put in your mouth to chew on repetitively for muscle training.

Jawzrsize was inspired by the founder who, after a motorcycle crash, realized his need to train his jaw muscles to regain his motion. Soon after, he realized not only is Jawzrsize a great product for recovery, but noticed many other benefits including well defined jawline, more overall focus, increase in metabolism, and much more.

Jawzrsize trains one of the most important, yet forgotten muscles in your jaw, the masseter muscle.

Jawzrsize is for all adults wanting to tone, firm, and strengthen the whole facial to neck area.

For anybody looking to achieve a slimmer face, or reduce the double chin effect, Jawzrsize is your solution.

For the athletes, it would improve, mind-muscle connection and strengthen the primal muscles.

For the males, Jawzrsize can help you get a distinctive masculine jawline and increase metabolism by the constant chewing motion.

For the females, Jawzrsize can help tone and firm the jawline and activate all of the facial muscles, creating a younger appearance.

With four resistance levels to choose from, Jawzrsize range from beginner to professional athlete level so you are assured to find a perfect fit.

Beginner would be the softest setting and elite/pro-athlete has the toughest setting.

Jawzrsize made with Food Grade, FDA-compliant materials.

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