PLAYin CHOC’s Rabbit is perfect for Easter

PLAYin CHOC’s Rabbit is perfect for Easter

Individual Rabbit ToyChoc Boxes – perfect alternative to Easter Eggs with healthier, organic chocolate

Inside each ToyChoc Box for kids is 2 x allergen- free, organic chocolates, a rabbit card puzzle toy to build and an educational fun facts card to teach the younger generation about the world around us.

The collectable ToyChoc Boxes are loved by kids 3+ and welcomed by adults. Each recyclable box contains 2 x 10g chocolates, a 3D puzzle toy to assemble and collect, as well as an educational, fun facts card about the many different types of rabbit from across the world. Which bunny will you get? A Pygmy Rabbit? English Spot Rabbit? Harlequin Dutch Rabbit or Lion Head? There are 6 to collect and swap. Collectable Rabbit ToyChoc Boxes. RRP £2.25 each


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