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Joke Whispering on Valentine’s, by Ms Sandra Zouak (Author)


An old secret passed on for generations to me is Jokes Whispering.
You’re partner’s asleep. It’s a special day and your going to spell your little magic.
After removing a streak of her or his hair from their amazing face, you Whisper a Joke.
They smile.
Happy Valentine’s!
“You idiot I was just having this funniest dream! Anyway…. kiss me good morning!1.”
Tales say you can only practise this trick once every 3 moons.
It’s not like in the films. Love and humour were closely linked together during the ages. The only difference is they hadn’t come up with a Valentine’s Day.
If you are in a bad relationship, trust that all
this will be raw material to have you giggling til you split in two once these times are over. Haven’t you ever been present at an old- ladies knitting party? It’s just laughing, laughing, and laughing even harder…. and the best bit is the more they do it the longer they will live!

So live to laugh, laugh to live and laugh at life.

Plan a laughing Valentine’s with the help of this little secret I have revealed…. but remember! You can only do it once every 3 moons!

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