Random Notes: (About Life, “Stuff” and Finally Learning To Exhale) By Mrs Carol Gee is a simply tremendous & wonderful gift to give this Mother’s Day.

Random Notes: (About Life, “Stuff” and Finally Learning To Exhale) […]

Random Notes: (About Life, “Stuff” and Finally Learning To Exhale) By Mrs Carol Gee is a simply tremendous simple & wonderful gift to give this Mother’s Day. www.venuschronicles.net



Why not give moms the gift of laughter and a feeling of sisterhood with my new book, Random Notes (About Life. “Stuff” And Finally Learning To Exhale) www.VenusChronicles.net. Available in both paperback and e-reader with such essays as “Now That I’ve Got My Mind Together The Rest Of Me Is Falling Apart” “What’s A Diva To Do When Her Scarf Tried To Kill Her” and lots more, it is laugh out loud fun. Amazon etc. Carol Gee. Author, Atlanta

With such essays as,

“Will Pole Dancing Cure my ‘Bad Girl’ Itch?”
“While I May Not Be Able to Find My Way Out of a Paper Bag, I Can Make a Mean Pound Cake”
“Now that I’ve Gotten My Mind Together, The Rest of Me Is Falling Apart”

Random Notes is a laugh-out-loud, fun book.

Available on Amazon @ www.amazon.com/Random-Notes-Finally-Learning-Exhale (please do also visit www.venuschronicles.net because various purchase options are available such as kindle and more!)


About Author Carol Gee

Growing up, people always told me that I would make a great teacher, “because you spoke so well,” some said. “Because you have such a way with words,” said others. “So while I l dreamed of writing the great American novel, the women in my ‘village’ (my mother’s beauty shops) saw me chalk-on-hand standing in front of a blackboard as, back then, teaching was a revered position,” explained Carol Gee.

Carol Gee, M.A. a retired military (AF) veteran, also enjoyed a short stint as a mental health counselor, before becoming a long time, former educator and, yes, that included teaching. An author, columnist and motivational speaker, she encourages girls, women and men to celebrate and embrace their thoughts, their feelings, the silly things they do: yes, their very humanity.

Author of the newly released books, Random Notes (About Life, “Stuff” And Finally Learning To Exhale) and Gilded Pearls (Vibrant Thoughts, Tips and Tidbits For A Full Life), Gee’s other books include her debut book, The Venus Chronicles and Diary Of A ‘Flygirl’ Wannabe. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines.

Most recently, her writings have appeared in such magazines as Diabetes Forecast, Diabetes Health, Dollar Stretcher Magazine, Woman’s World Magazine and numerous others. She and her husband were featured in the Feb 2017 issue of Essence Magazine article, “Standing Up For His Health”. Gee and her husband of 44 years, live in an Atlanta, GA suburb.