Recipe! Fruity Teff Pancakes

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Fruity Teff Pancakes



160g (1 cup) Lovegrass Teff Pancake & Waffle Mix
270ml (just over 1 cup) milk or plant alternative
50ml (4 tbsp) vegetable oil or melted butter
Seasonal fruit of your choice

Makes approximately 13 x 8cm pancakes


1. Take 160g (1 cup) of the Pancake & Waffle Mix.

2. Tip into a bowl, add 270ml (just over 1 cup) of milk or plant alternative and 50ml (4 tbsp) of fat of your choice.

3. Stir to combine into smooth batter and rest for 3 minutes. The batter will thicken to the required consistency during this time.


1. Heat a non-stick frying pan on medium heat then add a teaspoon of oil.

2. Drop a large tablespoon of the batter per pancake into the pan, spacing the pancakes well apart.

3. As soon as bubbles appear and the bottom starts to brown, flip the pancake to cook until puffed and golden brown.

4. Serve with your favourite toppings – we love them with fresh fruit and a big drizzle of maple syrup


To make beautifully fluffy pancakes keep the heat at medium at all times. This prevents the pancakes from cooking too quickly on the outside and produces a soft and fluffy inside. The way pancakes should be!

Teff Pancake and Waffle Mix

What is Teff?:

Ethiopian Habesha Teff is a naturally gluten free grain that’s packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and is the only grain known to contain significant amounts of Vitamin C. it’s also high in prebiotic fibre, an especially key benefit for IBS sufferers.

What is Lovegrass Ethiopia Pancake and Waffle mix?

The Teff grain has been ground down into flour and mixed with organic coconut sugar, free range egg white powder and gluten free baking powder to create a mix that can be used to create fluffy American-style pancakes or golden brown waffles.

This mix offers a delicious, gluten free and nutritionally packed alternative to regular pancakes or waffles.

We’re on a mission to spread the Teff love…

Lovegrass Ethiopia was born from a mission to share the benefits and uniqueness of Ethiopian Teff with the rest of the world. In doing so, we work directly with local farmers to create a market that pays them a fair price, enabling them to invest and grow their own small businesses, while also sharing their amazing stories.


£4.49 per 320g bag

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Planet Organic


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