Should Dating be Spontaneous or Scientific! This is a very important serious question… that could change everything!

Should Dating be Spontaneous or Scientific! This is a very […]

Should Dating be Spontaneous or Scientific! This is a very important serious question… that could change everything!

For most people,though not all and just because its most people does not mean the minority are somehow invalid or wrong, nothing could be further from the truth, it is our opinion that diversity of ideas, of lifestyles and approaches to living should be celebrated so long the boundaries of legal behaviour are not stepped over, but for most people life really is about family!

Families start with romance, with dating and individuals finding life partners, falling in love and having children! But what does love mean, is this romantic love or is this mating, and forming a relationship that will be fruitful (incidentily the first thing said to Adam & Eve was Be Fruitful and miltiply) and having children, and working together to survive and bring those children to adulthood and sustaining families and the cycle of life and birth and the continuing of our genes. Of course we are living, exploring, enjoying life and the wonder that we have made on earth of poetry, literature, the sciences, humanities, classical music, school sports, sculpture and commerce and trading!

It is this rational approach (particularly whilst accessing dating websites) that has brought longevity and affluence to our lives and it began with basic survival of people in a world where we discovered, fire, agriculture, and all the means by which we find our selves today with so much to be proud of, and this all required rationality, practical decisions regarding storing grain, delaying immediate gratification and making those simple sacrifices so as to survive dark winter, choosing a mate has got to be a rational decision, it has got to be made in a sensible, practical, rational way.

Is there a time and a place for spontaneity! Of course there is, regularly and we love dates as people and what better place to have a little spontaneity ! Just think of “the Shire” in Lord Of The Rings, they are having so much fun, and being spontaneous for example at parties, where all the friends, and extended family members are together, i mean just think of what happens at these events! Having fun, letting our hair down and putting aside rationality, and taking a break from those very real survival issues which rightly given the dangers in life, which rightly occupy most of our time, is put to one side for almost the necessity of letting one’s hair down relaxing and having some fun, and part of that includes spontaneity!

So, in conclusion, dating should be taken seriously and should be organised and should be approached in a practical way, where the values that you aspire to, live by and live up to are explored and thereby you can find a partner who you will have shared values with, and these can be as simple as hard work, fairness, honesty, keeping one’s word, enjoying tradition and values (for example a simple search for christian dating sites will reveal sites that will increase the likelihood of others who also have Christian values, if that is what you are looking for) , and wanting to raise families and make homes.

Whatever you goals in a partner are if you do not sit down and assess if the other person actually also holds most or all of those values then where are you really going to end up in your relationship! Potentially increased conflict, disagreement about the direction your family is going in, the list goes on and on and on!

So by all means be spontaneous at times, in the appropriate context, of course, but do not throw rationality and science out the window! Keeping one’s feet on the ground most of the time is precisely one of the most important things we can do, and then you know, at parties and on dates and so on, of course we can be a little more spontaneous!

Be safe, take care, implement security protocols, then when you have done the work, go out and enjoy dating”!

Very, very best wishes!

Rugby Rep Dating & Relationships Editor