SOCO TAHINI, by Seeds of Collaboration! 100% Stone Ground Sesame Seeds! on AMAZON!

 SOCO TAHINI, by Seeds of Collaboration! 100% Stone Ground Sesame Seeds!

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HEALTHY: Made with one ingredient: sesame seeds. You won’t find any preservatives, trans fat or sugar here. Just pure, rich, tahini packed with protein, calcium and vitamins B & E.
AUTHENTIC: SoCo’s artisanal tahini is produced using the Mediterranean’s traditional sorting, roasting and milling process that achieves the purest taste and to preserves the health benefits of sesame. The result is smooth, sweet and delicate tahini.
VERSATILE: Tahini’s been the Mediterranean’ all-purpose superfood for hundreds of years. It’s a quick and easy solution to add flavor and nutrition to almost any meal or snack, savory or sweet. It’s the perfect supplement for your veggies, buddha bowls, smoothies, power salads and desserts.
MINDFUL: SoCo is the product of an Israeli-Palestinian collaboration dedicated to creating positive change for communities in conflict. We donate a portion of every sale to nonprofits investing in other collaborative enterprises.
DETAILS: Contains two 13.4 oz jars of tahini sauce. 100% raw Ethiopian sesame seed. Handmade to perfection in the West Bank (Israel / Palestine) for 5 generations. Cookbook with Top 5 recipes emailed after order. Shake well. Store refrigerated once opened.

Drizzled or dipped, Tahini is the star of any dish
SoCo Tahini is an all-purpose superfood that is both addictive in taste and packed with nutrients. SoCo is the first authentic, stone-ground tahini in the US, coming straight from the Middle East through a rare collaboration.
Some of tahini’s many health benefits:
‎✔ High in protein, calcium and iron
✔ Helps hormone balance
‎✔ Improves skin and muscle health
‎✔ Boosts nutrient absorption
A Passion for Tahini
We grew up in the Middle East, where tahini is our go-to topping for just about everything. It’s like our ketchup. But when we moved to the U.S., it was hard to find versions that taste like the authentic, rich tahini we loved back home. So we started Seeds of Collaboration (SoCo), to bring the magic here and start a tahini revolution in America. SoCo is a partnership between Israelis and Palestinians, joined by a mutual love of tahini and a desire to create a positive change for communities in conflict. SoCo is produced by a Palestinian family who has been making tahini for 5 generations.
Tahini Made the Traditional Way
First, seeds are grown in the ultimate sesame growing climate of Ethiopia, in the rich soils of a town called Humera. Of the dozens of sesame varieties, Humera seeds have the most fantastic buttery smooth flavor. The seeds are then taken to our facility in the Middle East and soaked overnight – long enough to allow the skins to separate. The seeds are then roasted in a giant oven until they catch a light amber color. Once cooled, the seeds are stone-ground. In this process, no preservatives, sugars or additional ingredients other than pure sesame seeds are used. The result is a natural, no-nonsense tahini that tastes like the Middle East intended.
Join the tahini revolution and give our smooth and flavorful tahini a try. Buy SoCo tahini today!

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