Solavia Glassware… wonderful, decorative & so seasonal for all those who are dreaming of Christmas…

Solavia Glassware… wonderful and decorative & so seasonal for all those who are dreaming of Christmas…

‘Glass is a wonderful material. Even when it is cool, it is still moving.
It is connected with fire and water, it is so natural’

Glassware for the home – if you’re looking to enhance your home interior décor, or if you need stylish storage solutions, we have a vast range of glassware for you to enjoy – from punch bowls to decorative vases. Our glass jars have been used for everything from sweets to spices to soda crystals – how will you use yours?

Seasonal glassware – our versatile trifle bowls are top-sellers at Christmas, but can also be filled with fruit for summer parties, or even spooky treats at Halloween!

Glassware gifts – for every special occasion. Our beautiful range of glass giftware make perfect presents for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Glass apples and pears filled with flowers or sweets make a great centrepiece. Choose elegant handcrafted vases for single stems or flower bouquets. If you are looking for a retirement gift, why not consider a crystal decanter set, engraved for that personal touch?

Commercial glassware – we have a range of cake | cheese domes for cafes and delis, sophisticated vases for hotel settings, and delightful sweet bowls for store counters. Our vast range of glassware and tableware will enhance a variety of business environments.

Organising a wedding? Congratulations! We’ve got everything you need to bring elegance and style to your special day – from tableware to a stunning range of Garnier reversible, clarinet or trumpet vases for elaborate flower arrangements.

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