Staying Safe Whilst Exploring Niche Dating.

Staying Safe Whilst Exploring Niche Dating. Having extensively explored life […]

Staying Safe Whilst Exploring Niche Dating.

Having extensively explored life and been open to new experiences and traditional experiences many people find that they want to explore dominant and submissive sexual relationships. For many this is evolving from a growing awareness that many relationships between people can be seen to be full of power dynamics. The “Me Too” movement partly sprang up entirely based around we think actual acting roles being awarded or at least more open to actors who were willing to provide sexual favours to authority figures linked to or directly involved in choosing employees or 3rd party contractors for such jobs. All of this can be analysed as a series of relationships fueled by power and the needs of individuals or perceived needs within the dynamic.

Perhaps the role of either submissive or dominant within a relationship is unavoidable, maybe its normal. Within the animal world hierarchy of dominant and submissive roles plays out daily in the lives of the animals one only has to look at the regular nature programs which show these roles within wolf, monkey and other pack type animals. animals in the submissive role will show a range of personal signals which accept and communicate awareness of their role as the submissive creature often exposing a weak part of their body to show submission and a range of cowering physical positions often as the dominant animal stands upright and towering over their subservient inferior fellow pack animals. Other pack animals will recognise a dominant animal who then enlists the help of the other strong animals so that they do not attack the dominant animal and depose them from dominance… so even in the animal kingdom it becomes quite complex.

So too with us humans we have many individuals in our species who either unconsciously are obsessed with their perceived role or are aware of the power dynamics and are drawn to exploring these in sexual intimacy and of course many many people who are craving the euphoric type of psychological states that occur during sexual intimacy and are seeking out environments (for example online by searching for fetish dating) where the enjoyment and intensity of these euphoric states can be heightened or enjoyed without the fallout that can occur when a partner is confronted by an individuals less than conventional shall we say “desires”.

All of this of course is completely normal within human society. The desire to have sexual enjoyment and the chemical euphoric states that occur during these engagements which ultimately do fuel the fertilization of the females eggs ultimately does help to propagate our species and joined with our societies understanding that whilst conduct must be moderated as we do have other chores that we must be attending to such as gardening, cultivation of livestock and growing vegetables and looking after the stock market and so on at the same time space is made to allow for the pursuing shall we say of peoples desires, often in the evenings and at the weekends or whatever free time people have from working.

the internet has allowed all of this to happen online and for meetups to happen and the growth in popularity of dominant and submissive (often referred to as Subs and Doms) dating websites has really been very rapid. Lots of people are exploring these pass-times and enjoying having the sexual euphoria experiences induced by this type of physical contact with others with many reporting that incorporating submissive and dominant roles, costumes and practices within this has heightened their enjoyment of these experiences!

As long as all of this happens in a safe way and as long as we get our daily chores done then many people are ok about it all happening!

So, be safe and very best wishes!

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