Stress Down Day UK is TODAY! So Stress Down!!! Relax & Take It Easy!

Stress Down Day UK is TODAY! So Stress Down!!! Relax […]

Stress Down Day UK is TODAY! So Stress Down!!! Relax & Take It Easy!

87% of men suffer in silence when it comes to stress & mental health issues


Britain is facing a mental health crisis and with recent news that half of Britons believe stress causes cancer, it is clear that an education process is still needed around managing stress and the effects it can have on our wellbeing and health.

Recent research from FirstLight Trust found that men have the highest rates for suffering in silence with 87 percent confessing to dealing it with alone. Women were only marginally better, with four in five (82 percent) still holding everything in.

Stress Down Day UK, supported by FirstLight Trust, is held twice a year to coincide with the clock changes and will be taking place on Friday, 23rd March. #StressDownDayUK aims at raising awareness of what it calls “the biggest hidden epidemic affecting the health and safety of Britons today”. Through this national day, they want to encourage people and businesses to take time out to down tools and relax.

Additional stats:

A third (32 percent) of British women confess to feeling stressed every day of their life, compared to just over a quarter (17 percent) of all men. On average, women feel stressed four days a week.
Women are suffering considerably higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than men, according to a new study.
Worryingly, 84 percent of the nation is keeping all this stress to themselves and not sharing it with others or seeking support.
A third of Brits also highlighted that they have less than half an hour a day to relax, meaning many are battling with it around the clock.
The high levels of stress the nation is suffering from are also having a detrimental impact on those around them with three-quarters of the nation (72 percent) stating that they take it out on others around them at work.
Stress causes two in five (43 percent) of us to have trouble sleeping and 24 percent to argue with their partner.

How people can get involved:

People can get involved by simply taking at least one hour during their working day next Friday to do something that relaxes them, donating to participate. It asks that businesses support their employees by giving people the time away from their desk.

Donations supporting the campaign will go to help the charity supporting veterans of the armed forces and emergency services. FirstLight Trust has been going for five years carrying out essential, life-changing work across the UK, where veterans can come to get advice, support and confidential help to help them combat any challenges they are facing.