Struggling with back pain! Gravity is a revolutionary pain-relieving product that combines a thousand of years of Chinese medical knowledge with 21st Century product design.

Struggling with back pain! Gravity is a revolutionary pain-relieving product […]

Struggling with back pain! Gravity is a revolutionary pain-relieving product that combines a thousand of years of Chinese medical knowledge with 21st Century product design.


Last Sunday saw the Dragons decline 10% of Gravity Life for £25K

Since leaving the Den the Gravity Life Team havegone on to gai n many approvals, not least from HRH Prince Andrew who regularly uses

Gravity is a revolutionary pain-relieving product that combines a thousand of years of Chinese medical knowledge with 21st Century
product design. A new Orthopeadic System, reducing pain and improving posture. Gravity uses your own bodyweight to gently and
naturally release tension and stiffness to re-align your Neck, Spine  and Pelvis but also unlocks the body’s potential to deeply relax.
‘The  Pain Guru”, Dr. Shane, says, “Its not about training the body, its  about releasing its potential”. “It’s not about Business it’s about
helping people”.

Gravity was awarded “Best Health and Wellness Product 2018” at the recent Hong Kong LOHAS(Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Expo,
showcase for green and natural living.

To demonstrate that Gravity was highly credible and would meet the expectations of not only its customers but also International Standards the team sought the approval of many Professional Bodies, Institutions and Organisations including The Institute of Natural Medicine Ireland (INMI), Addenbrook Hospital, Osteopaths, Bowen, Physio  and Sports Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors.

Endorsements have also been given by the Irish Rugby Union, St Helens and Huddersfield Rugby Clubs, amongst other sporting bodies. Similarly, Gravity is applauded by The Military, RAF Cranwell, and The Universities of Dublin, Northampton and Bangor. This is a fast  ever-growing list as Gravity is ‘experienced’.

With these endorsements the company has already enjoyed phenomenal success and its value has grown from £200K to £3M in less than a

Dr Shane Murnaghan, M.Ac.S C.C.A T.C.M I.N.M.I Lic.Amat.Med C.A.C.M.S (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hons, Beijing), has been teaching and practising traditional Chinese medicine for over 20 years, but following an accident in 2008, which left him with a broken back, he changed the direction of his career. The father-of-two could  barely walk for four years and so decided to use his skills to focus on finding a solution for pain caused by spinal injuries. “Thebody is  all about balance. I don’t want to be a surgeon, but I’m a pretty good  mechanic and I just want to fix people,” he said, “I know what it’s  like, I have been there”. Shane has toured with REM, David Bowie, and treated many pop stars including Niall Horan of One Direction.

Michael Fisher is the Managing Director of the Gravity Life, and runs  the commercial side of the business. He is a serial entrepreneur and
has 30 years experience as both importer and exporter, developing  links in the United States, across the Asia Pacific, and the Indian  subcontinent. More recently expanding to South Africa and Australia.

Retail Price £99.00

Gravity Life is fast becoming a global success and already has a  distributor in place in Hong Kong and is discussing distribution in USA, Canada and Brazil and has documented interested parties in  Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Gravity Life has received great feedback from leading Sports Personalities, Military Personnel, Airline pilots and Medical

Kimberly Davis

No1 in the USA Dance Chart and singer of the USA national anthem at  the opening ceremony of the NBL finals, Kimberly said, of Gravity,“For me it’s a life saver. It helps with your posture and relaxes me before a gig. 20 mins later I’m good to go. It’s the best thing ever and Id like to see more of them in the world”.

  Ivana Daniell Life – In Movement

“I have been using Gravity in my Posture clinic with fantastic results. All my patients LOVE it! They are using it both during my  posture and movement re-education sessions and on their own with a  home programme. Gravity is the best tool to stabilise and align your  spine, and to release neck and back tension that has been accumulated  by the strain of a postural misalignment or during the long hours  sitting at the desk. Gravity is perfectly designed and a very safe  tool to use on your own on a daily basis. I strongly recommend it.”

  Royal Marines Commando – Royal Marines Commando

  A Royal Marine Commando had a massive head injury after hitting hishead on the ice during a terrifying skiing accident 4 years ago, and  tragically lost the ability to walk and talk…. Since he started  using Gravity, it very quickly accelerated his recovery.

  Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon Pilots

“If I used Gravity whilst actually experiencing an ache/pain, the ache/pain would disappear much quicker than usual” “I love it! I  really love using Gravity and will continue to do so. I’m amazed my lower back pain has basically gone”

  Cliff Eaton – MSC PGC MCSP, Chartered Physiotherapist

“I have been privileged to work in elite sport for many years. This gave me the unique opportunity to have access to the most effective products to treat pain, enhance recovery and improve performance. Gravity is definitely one of these products. I now use it in private practice to treat patients and allow them to take control of their  symptoms at home. Gravity is definitely a product I would recommend”

  Michael Vaughan – Ex England Cricket Captain

“As an ex professional cricketer, I like to keep in good shape and find that using Gravity has helped me recover after gym sessions enabling me to relax and unwind. I sit for long periods, both when travelling abroad and commentating on cricket and find Gravity relieves my lower back stiffness.”

  Mark Wright – Former England International player and English Football Manager

“In my experience Gravity is a safe natural and brilliant piece of kit for athletes. As a professional footballer who is still playing after years of wear and tear for Liverpool and on international duty, GravityRM sets me up for flexibility, symmetry and performance. As a warm up or down, or for aches and pains, it’s my go-to piece of kit.”

  Gordon Mason – International GB Swimmer

Using Gravity to aid recovery, improve spine alignment for better movement, and for peak physical performance leading towards Personal Best results. Gordon is winter training with the Harry Wright International Swim Squad…. watch this space as he trains towards the 2020 Olympics.