tado° brings real-time energy cost visualisation into its app

tado° brings real-time energy cost visualisation into its app No […]

tado° brings real-time energy cost visualisation into its app

No more surprises on the annual heating bill, thanks to cost forecasting, users will be
empowered with a real-time overview and full control of their heating spendings.

London 02.09.2021 – tado°, the leader in intelligent home climate management, today
announces the first stage of its new smart software to give users next-level control of their
heating costs. The new intuitive cost forecasting tool empowers all tado° users with an
Auto-Assist subscription to track and control their heating costs at home.

Cost forecasting creates a tangible real-time link between heating behaviour and the actual
energy cost. This is achieved by linking the temperature and tado° app settings with analog or
smart meter data, and with the help of intelligent real-time algorithms. tado° has developed the
first solution to solve a major problem for homeowners and tenants. Users will never again
have to worry about how high the annual heating bill will be as they will be in control
throughout the year and know what to expect.

In addition to the step-up in heating consumption oversight, the new app software will also
identify savings potential and provide users with tips and advice for maximum efficiency to
reduce heating costs. This helps to save money and lower a home’s carbon footprint, which
has never been more important.

“The price of gas and electricity has risen to its highest ever level across much of Europe and
residents will feel the pinch this winter,” explains tado° Co-founder and CPO Christian
Deilmann. “Due to connectivity, cloud computing and data science it is now possible to really
make conscious decisions about how much to spend on home comfort. Currently, people turn
their heating up and down without knowing what it really means for their annual bill. With cost
forecasting, guessing your energy bill is a thing of the past.”

The first version of the new feature is available from today to selected user groups across
Europe. Further releases will follow with rolling updates this heating season.

About tado°
tado° is the European leader in intelligent home climate management. As the only
cross-manufacturer platform, tado° Smart Thermostats and services connect with any kind of
heating or cooling system. Customers benefit from energy-saving technology such as
Geofencing and Open Window Detection, as well as from remote heating diagnostics. Founded
in Munich, 2011, and with 180 employees, tado° reshapes the way energy is consumed for
more comfort, savings, and wellbeing at home. www.tado.com